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ar·ti·fi·cial / ˌärtəˈfishəl/ • adj. 1. made or produced by human beings rather than occuring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural: her skin glowed in the artificial light. ∎  (of a situation or concept) not existing naturally; contrived or false: the artificial division of people into age groups. ∎  Bridge (of a bid) conventional as opposed to natural. 2. (of a person or a person's behavior) insincere or affected: an artificial smile. DERIVATIVES: ar·ti·fi·ci·al·i·ty / -ˌfishēˈalitē/ n. ar·ti·fi·cial·ly adv.

views updated

artificialcircumstantial, financial, substantial •court-martial, impartial, marshal, martial, partial •especial, special •cadential, confidential, consequential, credential, deferential, differential, essential, evidential, existential, experiential, exponential, influential, intelligential, irreverential, jurisprudential, penitential, pestilential, potential, preferential, presidential, providential, prudential, quintessential, referential, residential, reverential, sapiential, sciential, sentential, sequential, tangential, torrential •abbatial, facial, fascial, glacial, interracial, multiracial, palatial, primatial, racial, spatial •artificial, beneficial, initial, interstitial, judicial, official, sacrificial, solstitial, superficial •provincial • seneschal • equinoctial •asocial, precocial, psychosocial, social •crucial, fiducial •bushel •antenuptial, nuptial •commercial, controversial, Herschel, inertial, infomercial

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