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al·to·geth·er / ˌôltəˈge[voicedth]ər/ • adv. completely; totally: I stopped seeing her altogether | I'm not altogether sure that I'd trust him. ∎  including everything or everyone; in total: he had forty-six children altogether. ∎  taking everything into consideration; on the whole: altogether it was a great evening. PHRASES: in the altogether inf. without any clothes on; naked.

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altogetherblather, foregather, gather, slather •farther, father, lather, rather •grandfather • stepfather • godfather •forefather •altogether, feather, heather, leather, nether, tether, together, weather, wether, whether •bather • sunbather •bequeather, breather •dither, hither, slither, swither, thither, whither, wither, zither •either, neither •bother, pother •Rhondda • mouther • loather •smoother, soother •another, brother, mother, other, smother, t'other •grandmother • stepmother •godmother • housemother •stepbrother • further

views updated

altogether XII. ME. al togeder(e), i.e. ALL., TOGETHER.

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