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a·cross / əˈkrôs; əˈkräs/ • prep. & adv. from one side to the other of (something): ∎  expressing movement over a place or region: I ran across the street [as adv.] he had swum across. ∎  expressing position or orientation: the bridge across the river| [as adv.] he looked across at me. ∎  [as adv.] used with an expression of measurement: can grow to 4 feet across. ∎  [as adv.] with reference to a crossword puzzle answer that reads horizontally: 19 across. PHRASES: across from opposite: she sat across from me. across the board applying to all: the cutbacks might be across the board. ∎  (in horse racing) denoting a bet in which equal amounts are staked on the same horse to win, place, or show in a race.

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acrossacross, boss, Bros, cos, cross, crosse, doss, dross, emboss, en brosse, floss, fosse, gloss, Goss, joss, Kos, lacrosse, loss, moss, MS-DOS, Ross, toss •LaosÁyios Nikólaos, chaos •Eos • Helios •Chios, Khíos •Lesbos • straw boss • Phobos • rooibos •extrados • kudos • reredos • intrados •Calvados • Argos • Lagos • logos •Marcos • telos •Delos, Melos •Byblos • candyfloss •tholos, Vólos •bugloss • omphalos • Pátmos •Amos, Deimos, Sámos •Demos • peatmoss • cosmos • Los Alamos • Lemnos • Hypnos • Minos •Mykonos • tripos • topos • Atropos •Ballesteros, pharos, Saros •Imbros • criss-cross • rallycross • Eros •albatross • monopteros • Dos Passos •Náxos • Hyksos • Knossos • Santos •benthos •bathos, pathos •ethos • Kórinthos

views updated

across adv. in the form of a cross, crosswise XIII; transversely, from side to side XVI; prep. XVI. ME. a cr(e)oiz, o cros (XIII), later acros, acrosse (XIV), also in or on crosse (XV–XVI) — OF. en croiz; later assim. to native formations in A-1 and the sb. CROSS.

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