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accurate •gamut •imamate, marmot •animate •approximate, proximate •estimate, guesstimate, underestimate •illegitimate, legitimate •intimate •penultimate, ultimate •primate • foumart • consummate •Dermot •discarnate, incarnate •impregnate • rabbinate •coordinate, inordinate, subordinate, superordinate •infinite • laminate • effeminate •discriminate • innominate •determinate • Palatinate • pectinate •obstinate • agglutinate • designate •tribunate • importunate • Arbuthnot •bicarbonate • umbonate • fortunate •pulmonate •compassionate, passionate •affectionate •extortionate, proportionate •sultanate • companionate •principate • Rupert • episcopate •carat, carrot, claret, garret, karat, parrot •emirate • aspirate • vertebrate •levirate •duumvirate, triumvirate •pirate • quadrat • accurate • indurate •obdurate •Meerut, vizierate •priorate • curate • elaborate •deliberate • confederate •considerate, desiderate •immoderate, moderate •ephorate •imperforate, perforate •agglomerate, conglomerate •numerate •degenerate, regenerate •separate • temperate • desperate •disparate • corporate • professorate •commensurate • pastorate •inveterate •directorate, electorate, inspectorate, protectorate, rectorate •illiterate, literate, presbyterate •doctorate • Don Quixote • marquisate •concert • cushat • precipitate

views updated

ac·cu·rate / ˈakyərit/ • adj. 1. (of information, measurements, statistics, etc.) correct in all details; exact. ∎  (of an instrument or method) capable of giving such information. ∎  (of a piece of work) meticulously careful and free from errors. ∎  faithfully or fairly representing the truth about someone or something: an accurate likeness of Mozart. 2. (of a weapon or the person using it) capable of reaching the intended target. ∎  (of a shot or throw, or the person making it) successful in reaching a target. DERIVATIVES: ac·cu·rate·ly adv.

views updated

accurate XVII. — L. accūrātus, f. accūrāre, f. AC- + cūra care; see CURE, -ATE2.
Hence accuracy XVII.