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ac·a·dem·ic / ˌakəˈdemik/ • adj. 1. of or relating to education and scholarship. ∎  of or relating to an educational or scholarly institution or environment: students resplendent in academic dress. ∎  (of an institution or a course of study) placing a greater emphasis on reading and study than on technical or practical work. ∎  (of a person) interested in or excelling at scholarly pursuits and activities. ∎  (of an art form) conventional, esp. in an idealized or excessively formal way. 2. not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest: the debate has been largely academic. • n. a teacher or scholar in a college or institute of higher education. DERIVATIVES: ac·a·dem·i·cal·ly adv.

views updated

academicaerodynamic, balsamic, ceramic, cryptogamic, cycloramic, dynamic, hydrodynamic, Islamic, panoramic, psychodynamic, thermodynamic •Kalmyk, ophthalmic •chasmic, cytoplasmic, ectoplasmic, miasmic, orgasmic, phantasmic •karmic, psalmic •academic, alchemic, endemic, epidemic, pandemic, polemic, totemic •anaemic (US anemic), epistemic, systemic •bulimic, gimmick, metronymic, mimic, pantomimic, patronymic •filmic •eurhythmic, logarithmic, rhythmic •cataclysmic • seismic •agronomic, astronomic, atomic, comic, economic, ergonomic, gastronomic, metronomic, palindromic, physiognomic, subatomic, taxonomic, tragicomic •cosmic, macrocosmic, microcosmic •gnomic, monochromic, ohmic, photochromic •humic •hypodermic, taxidermic, thermic