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Triton in Greek mythology, a minor sea god usually represented as a man with a fish's tail and carrying a trident and shell-trumpet.
Triton of the minnows the type of something large or great contrasted with something small and insignificant, often with reference to Shakespeare's Coriolanus (1608).


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Triton (Neptune I) A satellite of Neptune, with a diameter of 2705.2km; mass 214.7 × 1020kg; mean density 2054kg/m3; visual albedo 0.7. Its orbit is retrograde.


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Amphitrite in Greek mythology, a sea goddess, wife of Poseidon and mother of Triton.


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Triton In Greek mythology, a sea god, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. He was half man and half fish, with a scaled body, sharp teeth and claws, and a forked fish tail. He had power over the waves and possessed the gift of prophecy.


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Triton (Gr. and Rom. myth.) sea-god, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite XVI; (t-) genus of marine gasteropods XVIII. — L. Trītōn — Gr. Trītōn.