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bel·fry / ˈbelfrē/ • n. (pl. -fries) a bell tower or steeple housing bells, esp. one that is part of a church. ∎  a space for hanging bells in a church tower.

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1. Bell-tower, generally attached to a church or other building, and sometimes standing separate.

2. Stage of a tower in which bells are hung and from which the sound is emitted, called the belfry-stage, identified by its (usually) louvred openings.

3. Framing on which bells are supported.

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belfry †movable siege-tower XIII; bell-tower or -chamber XV. ME. berfrey, belfrey — OF. berfrei, belfrei (mod. beffroi) — Frankish *berzfriō, prob. f. *berʒan protect + *friǒuz peace, shelter; the etymol. meaning being ‘defensive place of shelter’.