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in·vis·i·ble / inˈvizəbəl/ • adj. unable to be seen; not visible to the eye: this invisible gas is present to some extent in every home. ∎  concealed from sight; hidden: he lounged in a doorway, invisible in the dark. ∎ fig. (of a person) treated as if unable to be seen; ignored or not taken into consideration: before 1971, women artists were pretty well invisible. ∎ Econ. relating to or denoting earnings that a country makes from the sale of services or other items not constituting tangible commodities: tourism is the most important of our invisible exports. • n. an invisible thing, person, or being: religion is the attempt to eternalize the invisible. ∎  (invisibles) invisible exports and imports. DERIVATIVES: in·vis·i·bil·i·ty / -ˌvizəˈbilitē/ n. in·vis·i·bly / -blē/ adv.

views updated

invisible invisible hand the doctrine of laissez-faire economics, as formulated by Adam Smith.
Invisible Man the central character of H. G. Wells's novel of that name (1897), about a scientist who discovers (in the end, disastrously for himself) how to make himself invisible; because he can only appear visible by wearing clothing, the typical image of him is shrouded in a big coat with hat and heavy gloves.

views updated

invisible XIV. — OF. or L.; see IN-2.