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intersectabreact, abstract, act, attract, bract, compact, contract, counteract, diffract, enact, exact, extract, fact, humpbacked, hunchbacked, impact, interact, matter-of-fact, pact, protract, redact, refract, retroact, subcontract, subtract, tact, tract, transact, unbacked, underact, untracked •play-act • autodidact •artefact (US artifact) • cataract •contact •marked, unremarked •Wehrmacht •affect, bisect, bull-necked, collect, confect, connect, correct, defect, deflect, deject, detect, direct, effect, eject, elect, erect, expect, infect, inflect, inject, inspect, interconnect, interject, intersect, misdirect, neglect, object, perfect, project, prospect, protect, reflect, reject, respect, resurrect, sect, select, subject, suspect, transect, unchecked, Utrecht •prefect • abject • retroject • intellect •genuflect • idiolect • dialect • aspect •circumspect • retrospect • Dordrecht •vivisect • architect • unbaked •sun-baked

views updated

in·ter·sect / ˌintərˈsekt/ • v. [tr.] divide (something) by passing or lying across it: occasionally the water table intersects the earth's surface, forming streams and lakes the area is intersected only by minor roads. ∎  [intr.] (of two or more things) pass or lie across each other: lines of latitude and longitude intersect at right angles.

views updated

intersect XVII. See INTER-, BISECT.
So intersection XVI.