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folk / fōk/ (also folks) • pl. n. 1. inf. people in general: some folk will do anything for money an old folks' home. ∎  a specified group of people: some city folk cringe at the notion of consuming these birds. ∎  (folks) used as a friendly form of address to a group of people: meanwhile, folks, why not relax and enjoy the show? ∎  (one's folks) the members of one's family, esp. one's parents: I get along all right with your folks. 2. folk music: a mixture of folk and reggae. 1. adj. of or relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation: a revival of interest in folk customs a folk museum. ∎  relating to or originating from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people: a folk hero folk wisdom. 2. of or relating to folk music: performing at a folk club in Chicago. PHRASES: just (plain) folks ordinary, down-to-earth, unpretentious people.

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folkawoke, bespoke, bloke, broke, choke, cloak, Coke, convoke, croak, evoke, folk, invoke, joke, Koch, moke, oak, okey-doke, poke, provoke, revoke, roque, smoke, soak, soke, spoke, stoke, stony-broke (US stone-broke), stroke, toke, toque, woke, yoke, yolk •Holyoake • artichoke • gentlefolk •menfolk • kinsfolk • womenfolk •townsfolk • fisherfolk • holmoak •woodsmoke • cowpoke • slowpoke •backstroke • breaststroke • keystroke •heatstroke • sidestroke • downstroke •sunstroke • upstroke • masterstroke •counterstroke • equivoque

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folk people, race; men, people. OE. folc = OS., OHG. folc (Du., G. volk), ON. folk people, army :- Gmc. *folkam, the orig. meaning of which is perh. best preserved in ON.
Hence folk-lore, folk-song XIX. From XIV the pl. folks has been used, and since XVII is the ordinary form, the sing. being arch. or dial.

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people in general; members of a family. See also kinsfolk.

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