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super- prefix repr. L. super-, being the adv. and prep. super above, on the top of, beyond, besides, rel. to SUB-.

The chief meanings are: (1) over, above, at the top (of), in adv., prep., or adj. force, as superaltar (XIV), -celestial (XVI), superstructure (XVII); (2) higher in rank, quality, or degree, as superessential (XVI), supermundane (XVII), supersensual (XVII); (3) in or to the highest or a very high degree, (hence) in excess, as superabound, -abundant, -fine (XV); (4) expressing addition, as superadd (XV), super-tax (XX). Cf. SUPRA-, SUR-2.

views updated

super- The Latin super, meaning ‘on top of’, used as a prefix meaning ‘directly over’, ‘over’, or ‘above.’

views updated

super- From the Latin super meaning ‘on top of’, a prefix meaning ‘directly over’, ‘over’, or ‘above’.

views updated

super- prefix denoting
1. above; overlying.

2. extreme or excessive.

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