Is Trump the Richest President?

richest president in America

According to many sources, Donald Trump is the richest President in history.  Using all types of income to calculate worth, experts have estimated his net worth at 3.1 billion dollars as of Spring 2019.  This number is significantly lower than what the 45th President repeatedly boasts he is worth.

Using inheritance, assets, properties, spouses and other sources of income, a few different sources have calculated the income of various Presidents.  Since many Presidents have come from wealthy families that have claimed ownership to land, the numbers collected by researchers had to be adjusted for inflation in some cases.  Even with that adjustment Donald Trump is still the richest President in history by a whopping 2 BILLION dollars.

Donald Trump is the richest President in history

He claims his net worth is more than 3x what Forbes and Bloomberg were able to calculate.  Donald claims he is worth $10 billion and while he does own a lot of property – the way he calculates worth just doesn’t add up. Even still, 3.1 billion dollars is not a net worth to be ashamed of.  Looking at the history of Trump’s family and his contribution to that net worth, it would seem that he only made money of off his last name.  The reputation and building of the businesses he acquired set him up to be the richest President in American history.

But Donald Trump didn’t exactly build those businesses.  Many left wing media outlets have wrote article after article about the truth of how Trump acquired his money.  It seems that even though Trump is the richest President in history, some claim how he got that money isn’t exactly as honorable as he claims.  Hearing Trump tell the story of how he became the richest President paints a very different picture of how he obtained his fortune. It seems that more than just the numbers of how much Trump is worth didn’t add up.

How did Trump become the richest President?

Mostly by capitalizing on the name his father made for himself.  Trump’s father was a real estate tycoon making his money by providing not-so-affordable housing for soldiers and their families after the World War II.  After Donald became old enough to join the company, he too began to learn the value of transforming discounted buildings into overpriced lodging and housing.  After Donald took over his father’s company in 1971, he stayed true to his roots.  and stuck to buying condos and apartment buildings.

By the 1980s, Donald had began looking for a way to branch out and use his name across the country, even the Globe. He struck up an initial deal with Holiday Inn, which would eventually turn into Trump Plaza before almost going bankrupt.  With his empire sinking and his personal debt at an all time high, Trump convinced the top banks in America to give him a loan to bail him out in the nineties.  In addition to his loan to build up his brand, hundreds of contractors claim Trump is so wealthy because he did not pay them.

Trump is the richest President in America at a net worth of 3.1 billion dollars, 7 billion dollars less than he claims he is worth. Perhaps that extra $7 billion he claims to be worth is actually owed in invoices?

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