Is Damage from a Leaking Toilet Seal Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?


If you own a home, your insurance policy will specify the type of damages that it covers. One of those provisions will deal with interior water damage. It’s highly likely that your insurance policy will cover water damage that has come from outside of your home. It will probably also cover the expenses incurred from water damage that is caused by catastrophic leaks due to defective appliances.

Sudden Water Damage

Typically, your homeowner’s policy will cover damages that are related to “sudden” water damage. These would include events where the damage appeared all of a sudden — there was no gradual buildup of water in your walls or on the floors of your home. This would also include any leaks that are concealed by appliances, furniture or other structural supports. If you attempt to file a claim when damages have occurred due to gradual leaks, you may find that a claims adjuster will argue that the issue occurred due to non-maintenance and that the damage should not be covered.

Policy Stipulations

In most cases, your insurance policy will have fine print that deals with guidelines surrounding improper maintenance and damages. It will stipulate that your insurance provider is not liable for these type of damages. As a homeowner, they expect you to maintain your home and keep detailed records that indicate you have taken care of appliances, piping and the plumbing in your home. They also expect that you have checked for leaks or any type of water damage in areas that are difficult to see in your basement, bathroom or kitchen.

Damage Caused By A Leaking Toilet

If damage has occurred in your home due to a leaking seal in your toilet, you may be able to have those damages covered. To do so, you will be required to prove that there was a defect in the seal and that damages occurred quick. It will help your case if a professional installed your toilet. This will give you a better chance at receiving compensation. It’s always important to keep copies of receipts for purchases or work orders that have been completed so that you can provide proof.

No Compensation For Slow Leaks

If you didn’t maintain your toilet and a slow leak caused damage, it’s unlikely that your insurance company will cover the cost of repairs. Typically, serious damages occur from toilets that are located on second or third floors of homes. Water leaks down through the floor and causes damage to the structure of the home. It’s always important to make periodic checks of your home to ensure that all toilets are working properly. If you ever need to leave your home for an extended period of time, it may be a good idea to shut off the water supply to prevent the possibility of leaks.