How to Know if You Have Warrants in Texas


It is relatively easy to find out if you have outstanding warrants in Texas and there are plenty of methods that are free to use. It is important to remember that if you do start calling courthouses or sheriff’s offices for information on warrants against you, they could trace the call or start asking you questions on your location. If you do not intend to honor your warrants just yet, then it may be best to do your search online.

Online Searches

There are several websites you can use to check for any outstanding warrants in any state in the country. Some websites are free, while others charge you a fee for more detailed information. Before you start searching for your Texas warrants on a website, be sure to do some research and determine which websites are reputable versus the sites that may want to steal your credit card information.

Searching By County

If you cannot find any warrants at the state level, then the next most common place to look is by county. Each county is going to have a way for you to search for any outstanding warrants online. In most cases, if you do not find any warrants in a state search then you probably will not find any in a county search. But it is always good to cover your bases and make sure that you check as many sources as possible. You will need to search each individual county as there is no single resource to search for Texas county warrants.

Searching By Courthouse

There are occasions where people have broken the law in Texas and know exactly which courthouse their warrant would have come from. If this sounds like your situation, then you can search for warrants online by individual courthouses as well. If you want to be absolutely sure, then you can call the courthouse you feel might have your warrant and ask.

Calling County Sheriff Offices

The bravest method you can use to search for any outstanding arrest warrants in Texas is to start calling the county sheriff offices and asking them directly. In most cases, each sheriff office will want your personal information before releasing warrant information. If you do have warrants outstanding in Texas, then you do not want to make the situation worse by lying to a Texas sheriff.

If you feel like you have a warrant for your arrest in Texas, then it is always best to confirm that feeling and take care of the warrant. You can search for your warrant online, which would give you time to contact a Texas lawyer to put together a plan for handling your warrants.

If you are ready to handle your warrants now, then you can try calling the county sheriff offices in Texas and swap your current address with information about your outstanding warrants. If you choose this route, you can be sure that you will be getting a knock on your door very soon from your local police on behalf of a Texas sheriff’s office.