Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Injuries Sustained by the Homeowner Themselves?


If you own your own home, you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. If guests or other individuals come over and get hurt, you must have some type of homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of their injuries. Every year, people suffer slips and falls or are injured from other types of injuries that can occur in someone else’s home.

Common Private Property Personal Injuries

Often, personal injuries occur due to someone slipping or falling on the ground. This could be due to an icy walkway that that wasn’t treated in the winter. If an unsuspecting worker or guest walks on this type of area and slips or falls, they may severely injure their legs, arms, hands or head. These type of injuries can also occur in the summer. If a worker slips off of a rooftop shingle that gets loose, it may be enough to send them on to the ground. When injuries are sustained by an individual who is working on your home, the bills for medical treatment have the potential to escalate into thousands of dollars.

Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Some Personal Injuries

Fortunately, you probably have a policy from an insurance carrier that covers personal injuries that occur on the inside or exterior of your home. If you have just bought a new house, it’s best to own a homeowner’s insurance policy that gives you liability coverage. Having to pay for someone else’s injury to get treated could potentially wipe out a large portion of your savings. The question then becomes, “does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover any injuries that may happen to you while you are on your own property?”

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover A Policy Holder’s Injuries?

What happens if you slip on your driveway in the winter when it is slick and you break your leg? Will your homeowner’s insurance policy cover your medical bills? Typically, you won’t be able to hold your insurance carrier liable for any type of injury that you may sustain while you are on your own property. If you decide to go up on your roof and repair a few shingles, you should be as careful as possible. If you were to fall, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay for any injuries that you might sustain. Of course, if you have a health insurance policy, it should assist you with the cost of medical treatments. You may have to pay a deductible first, but you will not be stuck with an extremely large medical bill.