How To Void A Check


Checking accounts can be used for many purposes, and sometimes you have to void a check to use it for something other than transferring money. The act of voiding a check before you use it can be done in a few easy steps, but most people do not realize that they can void a check even after it has been written.

Why Void A Check?

When you are setting up a direct deposit arrangement for your paycheck with your employer, they will often require a voided check to complete the paperwork. Some online retailers and wholesalers require a voided check to set up an account with them. The average person rarely has to void a check, but it is important that everyone know how to properly void a check to make sure it is always done right.

Void The Check Itself

The first step is to write the word “void” inside the payment amount box on your check, and on the face of the check where the recipient’s name normally goes. To be safe, you should use a thick-pointed pen or small marker to write the word on the recipient’s line. You should use a regular pen for the payment amount box, and remember to press down hard if you have checks that make carbon copies of themselves.

Clarify The Carbon Copy

If your checks do have carbon copies, then you should darken the word “void” in the payment amount box of the copy and write “void” in marker where the recipient’s name should go. This will ensure that you make no mistake about that check being voided.

Make A Note In Your Check Registry

Before mailing your voided check or handing it over to your company’s payroll department, you should make a note in your check registry that the check has been voided. Not only will this help you to keep a record of your voided check, but it will also remind you of what happened to that check when you balance your checkbook.

A Voided Check Cannot Be Cashed

The point to writing “void” on a check instead of just sending out a blank check is that a voided check cannot be cashed. You never know if your blank check would fall into the wrong hands and someone could fill it out and forge your signature to get money from your account. By voiding the check clearly, you are protecting yourself from scams.

Voiding A Check After It Has Been Written

Sometimes people write checks, mail them off and then wish they could void the check so it cannot be used. If you find yourself in that situation, then you can use a service through your bank known as a stop payment. Most banks charge a fee to stop a payment and you have to stop the payment before the check is cashed, but this is a way to prevent payment from being taken from your account if you wrote a check in error.

A voided check can be used for many purposes, but it cannot be cashed. Before you send off a check to set up your direct deposit account, be sure to clearly void the check to protect yourself.