How To Find The Checking Account Number On A Check


If you’re setting up a direct deposit or electronic payment from a checking account, you’ll be required to provide your checking account number. This will ensure that the appropriate funds are debited or credited from your account when you pay for a purchase or receive compensation from work.

Locating Your Personal Checking Account Number

If you have a physical check in hand, you can find your account number near the bottom of the check. Note that this is the method used for a personal check. Business checks or checks from banking institutions have different areas that are used for identifying your checking account number. For a personal account, three numbers at the bottom of your check are used for banking purposes:

Routing Number – The first number (also known as an ABA number) is located on the left and should be used for routing.
Account Number – The second number that’s located in the middle is your account number.
Check Number – The third and last number at the bottom of your check is the check number.

Additional Numbers

When you set up direct deposit or automatic bill payment and your checking account number is required, you usually have to supply a routing number as well. As you already know, this number is located on the bottom of a personal check in the left-hand corner. A routing number identifies the specific banking institution that you use. It consists of nine numbers and ensures that your funds are routed to or from the appropriate bank.

Bank and Business Checks

While the account number on most personal checks is listed in the lower left area, business checks and checks that are printed from a banking institution will designate a different area for identifying an account number. An example of this type of check would be a payroll check from your work. The account number on this type of check is typically listed as the third number from the bottom left.


Some banks offer a tool that allows you to print out a check that will cover the funds needed to pay a bill. After printing out this type of check, you may notice that the number that is used does not match your personal checking account number. The reason for this is that the account number on this type of check corresponds to an account that is used by the bank to pay bills. You would not be able to use this account number if you were setting up electronic payments.

Other Ways To Locate

The best practice that you can take when you’re trying to locate your checking account number is to utilize a check that you know is current. If you’re still unsure if you have the correct number, you can always call your bank and ask a customer service representative for help. In addition, your banking statement will list your account number as well. Although, it won’t give you a routing number, which you will often need to complete electronic payment or direct deposit forms.