How To Cash A Check Without A Bank Account


There are a lot of reasons why some people prefer to go through life without a bank account. Some people do not trust banks, while other people prefer to keep their cash on-hand. There is nothing wrong with not having a bank account, but it can create problems if you are ever given a check you need to cash. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cash a check if you do not have a bank account that will allow you to accept checks and still keep full control of your finances.

Cash The Check At The Issuing Bank

If the issuing bank is local, or if it is a national bank with a local branch, then you can take the check to the issuing bank and cash it. Some banks charge a small fee to cash checks from non-customers, but at least you will be able to cash the check without any problems. To cash a check at an issuing bank, all you would need would be some form of identification that the bank will accept. Most banks accept driver’s licenses, sheriff identifications or passports.

A Check Cashing Store

In some communities, there are businesses that are set up specifically to cash checks. You would show your identification and pay a small fee to have any check cashed. Most check cashing stores have limits on how much of a check they will cash, so be sure that your check does not exceed the limit before you try to have it cashed.

Retail Department Stores

Most people do not know this, but national chain department stores will also cash checks for a fee. You do not need to make a purchase, but you do need to show your picture identification. You should call the store before you go to cash a check because not every location offers check cashing services.

Grocery Stores

In some parts of the country, grocery stores will offer check cashing services for customers who have a loyalty card. The card is used to take advantage of pricing specials and promotions, and it can also be used to cash checks. Some grocery stores that offer check cashing services require customers to apply for a special check cashing card, and there is usually a small service fee involved.

Signing The Check Over

If you have a friend who does have a bank account, then you can sign the check over to your friend and they can cash it for you. The rules regarding cashing checks would apply, so you may find it difficult to cash an out-of-state check. In that case, your friend would have to deposit the check and you would get the money in a few business days.

Just because you do not have a bank account does not mean you cannot cash checks. While it is easier to cash checks if you do have a bank account, there are still many ways people who prefer to avoid banks can cash checks.