How To Fill Out A Check


In this day and age, many transactions are conducted digitally with bank or credit cards. However, there may come a time when you need to write a check for a transaction. These steps will help you properly fill out the check that you use:

Date of the Transaction

The first step that you will take when filling out your check is writing in the current date. The section for this is located in the top right corner of your check. You can use these formats to complete this section — December 12, 2018, Dec 12, 2018 or 12/12/2018.

The Payee

This section provides the bank with information regarding the payee. This is the person or entity that you owe money to. Write the name of a person or company in this area.

Amount Written in Numbers

The bank will need to know the amount that should be taken out of your checking account. To verify this, they require you to enter it into separate sections so that they can make sure that they are not withdrawing too much or too little out of your account. After you designate the payee that will receive your funds, you will indicate the amount by writing it in numbers. If you owe $500.37, you would write 500.37 in the box that is available directly right of the $.

Writing the Amount Using Words

After writing the amount that you owe in numbers, you will write the amount using words. For example, if you owe that same $500.37 that was used in the amount written in numbers section, you would now write out the words “Five hundred and 37/100.” If you ever have an amount with no cents included in the transaction, you can write no/100 after the dollar amount. So, if you owe an even $500, you would write “Five hundred and no/100.” Also, please note that you do not have to use the word “dollars” as this word is provided for you

Filling in the Memo Section

The memo section is an optional area on a check that allows you to describe your transaction. What you write in this area is completely up to your discretion. You can enter something such as “mortgage payment,” “cable bill,” “babysitter” or “lawn care” to signify why the check was written. You might want to do this if you categorize your finances when you’re following a budget. Another item that may be helpful to write in this section is the account number of the payee. By writing in the account number of a service that you use, the payee knows which account you are applying the funds to.

Your Signature

This last section of a check is located in the bottom right corner. It’s used for your signature. Be sure to always write your signature in the same style that you used when opening your checking account. If the bank ever has any problems verifying that the check was written by you, they will analyze your signature to see if it matches their records.

These steps will ensure that you correctly fill out your check so that your transaction is completed. Be sure that you only use funds that are available in your checking account.