How To Send An Inmate A Care Package


Do you have a friend or relative that is currently spending time in jail or prison? If you’d like to send them a care package, you will need to follow a few steps. Due to security reasons, you won’t be able to directly send your package to an inmate who is incarcerated. Instead, you are required to use an approved care package provider that is associated with the facility where your acquaintance is being held. By contacting an approved provider, you can send a special gift.

Understanding The Rules

It’s always a good idea to check with the facility where your acquaintance is being held. Regulations do change and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In most cases, prisoners can only receive just one package per quarter. You’ll probably need to order your care package from a company that is on the approved list for the facility where the package is being sent. If you order from another care package provider, it may be undeliverable. Locate the contact information for the jail where the inmate is located and ask for an approved provider list.

Care Package Details

Care packages will contain items that meet the guidelines set by the prison or jail where they are being sent. Common items that you can send include candy, coffee, seafood or something that strictly provides entertainment. You’ll also find care packages that combine personal hygiene items such as deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste. Some companies will also send items like books, art supplies, guitar picks, sweats, shoes or underwear.

How To Order A Care Package For An Inmate

Some care package services allow you to set up a subscription type service where your order will automatically renew every quarter. This would mean that an inmate would receive the same items. Fortunately, you can also make special orders and send those instead. The main thing that you want to be sure to do is to check with the jail or prison facility before placing your order so that you know that it can be delivered.

Choosing Options

Typically, ordering is fairly easy. When you arrive at a care package company’s website, you’ll need to enter the inmate’s ID number or facility where he or she is being held. You’ll get a list of options for care packages that are on the approved list. If you have a chance to ask your acquaintance what they might need, you can use that information to choose the options. After you place your order, you can track it on the care package provider’s website.