How To Send An International Fax


Sending an international fax requires a special set of numbers that are not needed when faxing to a domestic number. In North America, the numbers and the sequence used are essentially the same. There are some countries that utilize the North American numbering model but then add a carrier choice to the mix to help enhance competition among telephone companies. The sequence of numbers used to send an international fax is always the same, but sometimes the codes can change. It is important to make sure you have the correct codes before you dial.

The Numbering Sequence

When sending a fax from any country that utilizes the North American Dialing System, the sequence for sending an international fax is:

International calling code + Proper country code + Fax number

If you are calling from a business that requires a special code to dial out of the building, then you would dial that code first and then this sequence.

International Calling Code

When using the North American Dialing System, the code to be able to dial an international number is 011. This code alerts the phone carrier you are using that you will be dialing an international phone number. The carrier will make the proper adjustments to its system to allow an international call when it receives this code.

Proper Country Code

Every country has a one to four-digit code that must be dialed to allow your call to enter their phone system. If you dial the number 0, then your call will be routed to Samoa. You can find the full list of country codes online, but be sure you are using the most current list as country codes can change from time to time.

Fax Number

The fax number you dial will follow the format for phone numbers used in the country you are dialing. This format would include the Plus Number format for international calls. For example, any fax sent to Algeria will start with +232 and then the fax number. The United States format for Plus Number faxes is:

+1 – Area Code – Fax Number

These numbers correspond to the country’s calling zone. The United States is in calling zone one and Algeria is in calling zone two. Much of Europe is covered by calling zones three and four, while Latin America is primarily part of calling zone five.

Carrier Selection

Countries such as Israel and Finland add an international carrier selection code to their fax receiving phone numbers. This code is put after the international calling code and is used to select an international calling carrier that is different than the one the caller normally uses. It was designed to create competition among carriers and help keep international calling costs down.

Sending an international fax requires the right sequence of numbers. Before you send your fax, you should confirm that you have the proper numbers as some of the codes involved with international calling can change without notice.