The Average Salary Of A Starbucks Store Manager


Starbucks is a well-know corporation that has coffee house locations all over the world. People enjoy Starbucks for its coffee, relaxed atmosphere and pastries. Working at Starbucks started to become a little more than a job when the Millennial generation started turning their jobs into fascinating careers. With the many product options available, it soon became a sort of status symbol to be recognized as an efficient Starbucks worker.

Starbucks has established a reputation for being an employee-friendly company, and that has helped to make the position of Starbucks store manager a career goal for many people. Before you pursue your Starbucks dream, you need to understand how well the job pays and what it entails.

Base Pay

The average base pay for Starbucks store managers in the United States as of January 2018 is approximately $50,000 per year. The low end of that pay range is approximately $34,000 per year with the high end being approximately $75,000 per year. These salaries vary depending on the geographic location of the store and the experience of the manager.


The average salary for Starbucks store managers is in line with the rest of the retail world, but Starbucks store managers are paid more than just a base salary. Each manager is also paid an annual bonus based on store sales, stock bonuses based on company performance and they also participate in the company’s profit sharing program. With all sources of income considered, the average Starbucks store manager makes an average annual income of around $60,000.

Salary Movement

Being a Starbucks store manager offers a competitive overall compensation plan which has shown a trend in recent years of increasing. But the increases are based primarily on the bonuses and profit sharing revenue that managers get. Base salaries for Starbucks store managers have not moved much since 2014, but that is also in line with the rest of the retail world. Starbucks offers a variety of career options for successful store managers including being a part of the company’s mentor program or moving into a position in the corporate office.

Is It Worth It?

Starbucks is regularly voted as one of the top companies in the country to work for and the company is famous for its focus on its employees. The company is always prepared to reward dedicated employees with promotions and other career options. The company is famous for having executives in its home office who started as baristas at one of the thousands of locations around the country.

Starbucks is one of those companies that can offer you a good job or the chance at an exciting career. At the store manager level, you are rewarded for the success of your store and you are given access to a career path that can go as far as you want it to.