How Do I Get a Document Notarized?


If you have an important document like a deed or financial contract that includes your legal identity, you may need to have it notarized. To do this, you can use a notary public who is a person who witnesses the signing of signatures and marks the agreement or document with a seal. This ensures that all witnessed signatures are legitimate.

How To Get A Document Notarized

If you have a document that needs to be notarized, you’ll have to visit a notary public — a person who is authorized to perform specific types of legal formalities when documents are being drawn up. A notary can prove your identity by witnessing the signing of your signature on a document.

Identification Required

You’ll need to have some type of official identification so that the notary public can verify who you are. These can come in the form of the following:

– Driver’s license
– Passport
– Government issued ID

Requirements will vary depending on the state where you live so contact the notary before you go to their office to be sure that you have the correct identification. If the notary isn’t able to verify who you are, you will not be able to have your document notarized.

Do Not Sign Before You Go

The main purpose of going to a notary public is so that they can watch you sign your important document. If you sign it before you go, the notary will probably not be able to give your document an official seal.

Fees To Pay

You will probably have to pay some type of fee to get your legal documents notarized. Notaries must stay abreast of changing laws and spend money so that they can act as a notary. It’s only right that they charge for their services. Typically, you’ll spend a nominal amount that’s between $5-$20.

Where To Go To Get Your Document Notarized

If you have a legal document that you need notarized, you can find a notary public in many different places. One of the best places is a local credit union or bank. They may charge nothing for the service if you are an account holder at their financial institution.

Other businesses have notaries as well. Here’s a list to consider:

Check to cash stores
Law Offices
The office of an accountant
Car dealers
Office supply companies

To locate a notary public, search the internet for your city name and the keyword phrase “notary public.” You may even be able to locate a notary that has a mobile service.

It may be possible to have your documents notarized online. However, you should be 100 percent sure that this is acceptable in your situation before using this method.

When A Document Becomes Official

Your document may become official once you have it notarized. Each agreement has its own unique clauses. If you are unsure, you may want to ask a local attorney for help in your situation.