How To Replace A Lost Social Security Card


There are many moments in life where you need to provide your Social Security number as proof of your identity. But there are also those moments where you need to actually show your social security card as well. While many people memorize their Social Security number, they often lose their cards. There is a process involved in getting a replacement Social Security card, and it involves showing a lot of different types of information.

Two Ways Of Doing It

If you are at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen and are not changing your name, then you can apply for a replacement card online. The Social Security website has a specific section designed to walk anyone through the process of getting a replacement card online. You will have to provide specific information online that will help to prove your citizenship and identity. You can also take that information to your local Social Security office to get a replacement card.

Proving Identity

The three main documents Social Security accepts to prove your identity are a state-issued driver’s license, a state or police-issued non-license identification card or a passport. If you do not have these documents, then a valid student identification, an employee identification card, a health insurance card or a military identification will do.

Proving Your Age

To make sure your identity matches your Social Security record, you must also prove your age to get a replacement card. To do this, you can provide a copy of your birth certificate or a certified birth record from the hospital where you were born. Your U.S. passport can also be used as proof of your age.

Proving Citizenship

The only two documents Social Security will accept to prove your U.S. citizenship are your passport or your birth certificate. To get a copy of your birth certificate, you can call the main administration building for the city or town you were born in and request one. There is usually a small fee and it can take anywhere from one to four weeks for it to arrive.

If you need a social security card replaced, the process is relatively simple but requires specific information on your part. Once you have the information, it is just a matter of submitting that information to the Social Security office and waiting. There may or may not be a fee required to get a replacement Social Security card.