Finding Free Criminal Arrest Warrant Search Online


If you want to conduct a free criminal arrest warrant search online, you will need to go to the appropriate website to locate the facility where they might be listing a warrant. The only official websites that you can truly trust are ones that end with a .gov TLD.

Best Way To Find A Warrant Online

Sites With Subscriptions

Unfortunately, some individuals purchase domains that have .net and .org TLD’s. They use these common website endings to make their websites look official so that individuals who are searching for free arrest warrant checks will be enticed to search them. You should be wary of these sites as they will want you to pay some type of subscription for the information.

These sites have the ability to gather information from various databases that contain statistics pertaining to property ownership, vital statistics, driving records and other details relating to personal profiles. The data on these sites may not be current, and there is no guarantee that arrest warrants will be listed after you pay their subscription fee.

Conducting A Warrant Search Online

If you are looking for a warrant, go to the internet and search for “warrant” and “city, county or state.” These type of searches will lead you to listings of websites that should match your query.

By searching and conducting a warrant check on the internet, you are able to stay completely anonymous. Typically, you’ll find that the information on official websites is kept updated on a daily basis. Most of these websites will have some type of search function that you can use to check for a warrant. However, some sites will not have that option.

Warrant Checks In Smaller Jurisdictions

Fortunately, some websites will include a search function option that allows you to type in a name to see if there is a current warrant out. Other websites will only include individuals who are currently incarcerated in the facility. If you find a website that does not list warrants for the jurisdiction that you are searching for, you may need to contact them with a phone call as these areas don’t have the budget to list this type of information on their website.

Calling Facilities

If you do find that a website doesn’t list outstanding warrants when you run an inquiry, you will probably have to call the facility. If this is the case, it may be best if you have a friend or relative call this facility for you to see if your name is on the list. However, if you are calling the facility about another individual, you will not have to worry about this situation.

There is the possibility that the facility could see where you are calling from and send authorities to your location. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, it’s best if you can take care of it as soon as possible. Delaying the matter will only lead to stress, which won’t help the situation.