How To Find Out If A License Is Active Or Suspended?


Are you driving illegally? If your driver’s license is suspended and you’re still behind the wheel, then the answer is “yes.”

Driver’s license suspensions happen for numerous reasons. Frequently, the driver is aware of the circumstances, but there are occasions when this may not be so. Finding out the status of your license is critical, especially if you don’t want to get into a legal mess by getting caught driving with a suspended license.

Driver’s licenses are suspended in accordance with state law. Many of these suspensions are related to driving infractions such as DUI, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident or the accumulation of too many points. Individuals who have failed to appear at an appointed court date similarly may have their driving privileges suspended. Drivers who don’t pay a ticket or fail to maintain car insurance are subject to suspension. Parents who don’t pay child support may find that they lose their driving privileges as will young drivers who are truant or delinquent.

Most people are fully aware of the occasions on which they receive a citation for a traffic violation, but life is busy. Paying that debt slips their mind, and they discover months later that their license is suspended. Unfortunately, this often occurs when the driver is pulled over for another traffic stop. State law institutes harsh punishments for people caught driving on a suspended license. Consequences can include an even longer suspension, revocation of driving privileges and sizable fines.

In other cases, people aren’t even aware that they’ve been charged with a moving violation or other infraction. Perhaps they moved or a clerical error prevented them from receiving an official notification. Whatever the reason, they failed to make a court appearance or pay a fine. Now, their license is suspended.

People who suspect that their license may not currently be valid would be wise to take immediate action. Several options are available. It makes sense to visit the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing to review your driving record. Some states enable making these requests online if that is more convenient. The driving record typically shows the status of the driver’s license, their history of traffic violations and how many points have accumulated on the record.

The driver’s record provides valuable information, and you may use it for several purposes. Perhaps the most important purpose is to address the suspension of your driving privileges. State officials can provide comprehensive guidance for this process. Additionally, it is vital to review this record for errors which may be affecting your driving privileges or raising your insurance rates. Pursuing the correction of these errors may reinstate your license and lower your monthly bills. If an error is putting your license in danger of being suspended, then fixing it will stop this process.

Finding out whether or not your license is suspended is quick and easy. The more you know about your driving record, the better able you’ll be to protect your driving privileges.