How Do I Find Out My Medicaid Application Status?


Medicaid is a federally-funded health insurance program for low-income families that is administered by each state. The income requirements and types of coverage you get depend on state laws, but there are federal minimums that every state has to meet to qualify for funding. Each year, low-income families apply for Medicaid services that will allow them to get the health care they need. The application process can sometimes take a while, but there are ways to check the progress of your application.

Wait For The Letter

When your state Medicaid office receives your application, it will send out a letter that will give you a date you can expect coverage to start. At some point before that date, you should get insurance cards in the mail and a confirmation of the effective date. If you don’t mind waiting, then you will get your application status mailed to you.

Look Online

These days, most states have an online application process set up for Medicaid that makes the process much easier. When you submit your application online, the website will create an account for you. If you ever want to check the status of your application, then you can just log into your online account and check.

Call The Medicaid Office

The paperwork you receive from your state’s Medicaid office will have a phone number you can call to check on the status of your application. Most states use an automated system that will require information found on the letter. If you do manage to speak to a person, then that person will need your application information to check your status.

Go To Your Medicaid Office

Your local Medicaid office is usually a busy place, but it is still an option you can use to check on the status of your application. One of the big advantages of visiting the local office is you can make any corrections to your application if they are needed right on the spot.

It takes time for your state to process a Medicaid application, but rest assured that your application will be processed. If you have been declined for Medicaid, then you will usually get a letter explaining why you are being denied. The online application option makes everything easier, and that should be the option you choose to submit your application and check on its status, if that option is offered by your state.