What Is The Penalty For Driving With An Expired License?


When you receive notification in the mail that your driver’s license is about to expire, it’s a good idea to promptly get it renewed. If you end up driving with an expired license, you will likely have to pay a penalty. Penalties differ from state to state, but driving with an expired license is an infraction in all states. If you intentionally drive with a license that has expired, you may be subject to the following:

– Have your vehicle impounded
– A blemish on your permanent driving record
– A penalty fee that may be up to $250
– Denied coverage from your auto insurance company

Fines Imposed When Driving With An Expired License

If you drive a license that has expired, and it is your first offense, the penalty fee that you will be required to pay will probably be on the low side. Typically, a police officer will ticket you and can decide which type of infraction you have committed. In some cases, you may be on your way with only a warning if it’s only a few days past expiration. However, don’t expect to get a freebie on this infraction, if you’re license is reaching its expiration date and you plan to keep driving your auto, get to your closest licensing department and renew your driver’s license.

Other Penalties

In some states and jurisdictions, officers will demand that you abandon your vehicle and have it towed. This is done so that you will be in compliance of the law and to prevent a continuation of the offense. You will have to pay the towing cost and any impoundment fees that accumulate.

In some states, it’s free for you to renew your driver’s license within a period of 60 days after it expires. However, you may have to pay higher late charges if you wait too long to complete the renewal process.

Dismissal Of Fine Or Reduction

If you receive a ticket for driving with an expired license, you may be able to get the fine lowered or dismissed if you contest the ticket and go through the renewal process before sending in your documentation to traffic court. In most cases, you’ll still be stuck with any other fees, but it does help if you can have your ticket lowered or waived.

Insurance Penalties

Driving your automobile with an expired driver’s license is a good way to jack up the premium you pay for auto insurance. Auto insurance companies frown on any type of legal penalties that you receive. In fact, you may be denied coverage since you did not have a legal license to operate your vehicle. In a situation like this, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in damages.

Your best move is to renew a license that’s about to expire so that you can avoid paying any type of fees.