Anyone Have Info on the House Arrest Ankle Bracelet?


Thousands of individuals must wear house arrest ankle bracelets because they have committed a minor crime or because they are on probation after serving time in prison. Here is some vital information about house arrest ankle bracelets.

Information 1: Who Suggests House Arrest?

House arrest is recommended by judges who believe that an individual who has committed a crime is able to remain in a home rather than going to prison. An individual who is considered a danger may also need to wear an ankle monitor bracelet to keep the person from going near certain people.

Information 2: Does a House Arrest Ankle Bracelet Save Money?

Saving money is one of the major reasons for having a criminal wear a house arrest ankle bracelet. The cost of the house arrest ankle bracelet along with its monitoring is approximately $6,000 each year, but a year of incarceration in a state or federal prison is approximately $20,000.

Information 3: Can an Individual Swim or Shower While Wearing the Device?

House arrest ankle bracelets are waterproof items that can withstand high levels of water pressure. This means that a criminal can bathe or swim while wearing the device without damaging the item or interrupting its GPS tracking system.

Information 4: What Happens During House Arrest?

During house arrest, the individual must remain in the home, and she is not permitted many types of communication. The criminal often lives with a relative who is able to shop for groceries or provide other assistance so that the individual has no reason to leave the home.

Information 5: How Does the House Arrest Ankle Bracelet Work?

The ankle bracelet cannot be removed by the criminal because it will interrupt the signal, sending an alert to the authorities. The house arrest ankle bracelet sends a radio frequency signal to a computer monitoring system, and if the signal stops, then law officials take quick action.

Information 6: Can The Criminal Leave His Property:

The house arrest ankle bracelet works within a certain range of the home, so if an emergency such as a fire occurs, then the individual could walk outside onto a lawn, but if he travels too far, then police officers are sent to the home.

Information 7: What Sends the Signals To the Law Officials?

House arrest ankle bracelets require cellular or landline networks to send the signals to the probation officer. In some cases, the landline or cellular networks can stop working due to a catastrophic event such as a hurricane or an earthquake.

Information 8: Do House Arrest Ankle Bracelets Stop Crime?

In most cases, a house arrest ankle bracelet will prevent a new crime, however, when the criminal is able to leave a home and isn’t apprehended quickly, it is possible that the individual could harm someone else.

Information 9: Can House Arrest Help Prevent Prison Overcrowding?

Many jails or prisons are overcrowded, so using the house arrest ankle bracelet is an excellent way to control criminals who are not considered violent.