How To Make A Case Study Format


A case study analysis is what businesses use to identify the cause of a problem and then put forth ways to handle the issue. Each solution also has potential consequences that could occur to help the company to better plan for a resolution to the problem. Companies generally try to complete case studies as quickly as possible, but they can often get bogged down in company politics or as part of a conflict between departmental managers.

Collecting Data

The initial phase of a case study involves collecting all of the data relative to the problem at hand. There should only be one problem per case study, but there should be at least three to five issues discussed about that problem. Information such as who was directly and indirectly responsible for the problem should be discussed, and the impact of the problem on the company should also be considered.


The first section of the actual case study is the introduction. This is where the problem being discussed is laid out in detail and its immediate effect is also recognize. The remainder of the introduction discusses what the case study will attempt to prove and the kind of information it will offer.

Background Information

The background information gives all of the details associated with the problem including all relevant data and any eyewitness accounts. This section is meant to give legitimacy to the rest of the case study by showing that great pains went into collecting all of the necessary details to do a comprehensive and accurate report.

Initial Reaction

This section discusses the company’s reaction to the problem and any alternative reactions that could have been used as well. The alternatives are discussed in detail as well as the reasons why the alternatives were rejected and the solution that was used was put into action.


This section will discuss the one solution that is being put forth as the best and will explain the reasons why this solution is being recommended. There needs to be citations with real data, affidavits of personal experience and any and all information that was used to come to this conclusion.

Final Recommendations

This section explains what the effects of the proposed solution will be on the company and what the company can expect when the solution is implemented. Everything from reaction by employees to the effect on the company’s public image are discussed in detail in this section.

When a company encounters an issue, it documents that issue and the solution that was used to solve the issue in a case study. The information gathered to complete a case study not only helps the company to understand why the problem occurred, but it also helps the company to understand how various reactions to situations affect the company’s overall operations.