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Smith, Linda 1949-

Smith, Linda 1949-


Born 1949, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Education: University of Calgary, B.A., 1969; University of Alberta, M.L.S.; Simmons College, M.A. (children's literature). Hobbies and other interests: Reading, walking, traveling, politics, social-justice work.


Home—Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada. E-mail—


Writer and librarian. Children's librarian in Truro, Nova Scotia; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, 1984-2001.


Writers' Union of Canada, Children's Literature Roundtable, Writers' Guild of Alberta.

Awards, Honors

R. Ross Annett Award for Children's Literature, 1996, for Wind Shifter; Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Book Award, 2001, and Golden Eagle Young Readers' Choice Book Award finalist, 2004, both for The Turning Time; second prize, Storyteller magazine's Great Canadian Story Contest, 2003; Independent Book Publishers Award shortlist, 2005, Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award shortlist, Diamond Willow Young Readers' Choice designation, Rocky Mountain Young Readers' Choice designation, and Golden Eagle Young Readers' Choice designation, all 2006, and Red Cedar Young Readers' Choice Award, 2007, all for The Minstrel's Daughter.



Sir Cassie to the Rescue, illustrated by Karen Patkau, Orca Book Publishers (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), 2003.

Kelly's Cabin, illustrated by Zorica Krasulja, Orca Book Publishers (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), 2006.


Wind Shifter, Thistledown Press (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada), 1995.

Sea Change, Thistledown Press (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada), 1999.

The Turning Time, Thistledown Press (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada), 2001.


The Minstrel's Daughter, Coteau Books (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), 2004.

Talisa's Song, Coteau Books (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), 2005.

The Weathermage, Coteau Books (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), 2006.


Also author of mystery plays. Contributor to books, including Kakwa Rising, Smoky Peace Press, 2001; Nose Mountain Moods, Smoky Peace Press, 2002; and The Boreal Factor, Smoky Peace Press, 2003. Contributor of stories to periodicals, including On Spec and Storyteller. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio, contributor to Alberta Anthology (radio program).


Author's short stories have been broadcast on CBC Radio's Alberta Anthology.


A native of Canada and a former librarian, Linda Smith is the author of several fantasy novels for young adults, including the volumes in her "Freyan" and "Tales of Three Lands" trilogies. Geared for younger readers, her picture books for children include Sir Cassie to the Rescue. "Part of my love for fantasy comes from the fact that it's a genre that involves characters not only in confronting the problems and issues of their own lives, but in those of the world beyond," Smith noted on her home page.

Smith published her debut title, Wind Shifter, in 1995. The first installment in her "Freyan" trilogy of fantasy novels, Wind Shifter concerns the relationship between Kerstin Speller, the daughter of a powerful wizard, and Alaric, an orphaned boy. As wizard's apprentices. the two are called into battle when an old enemy, the Uglessians, attack the land of Freya. "Smith continually holds the reader's interest by propelling the story forward through exciting challenges to the credible characters," noted Jo-Anne Mary Benson in an appraisal of Wind Shifter, for Canadian Review of Materials.

In Sea Change, Kerstin and her father journey to the Misty Isles to learn from the Wise Women, a group of nine females who practice the magic and healing arts. Conflicts soon arise between the Freyans and the islanders, however. "Kerstin is a well-rounded character who deals with her own problems and easily bruised teenage emotions in an entirely convincing manner," observed Canadian Review of Materials reviewer Betsy Fraser. In The Turning Time, which concludes the series, Kerstin returns to her native land, where she must prevent another conflict with the Uglessians. According to Resource Links critic Connie Forst, in this novel "Smith has created a world that is at once fantastic and compellingly real, moved forward with great suspense and exhilarating action."

In The Minstrel's Daughter, the first work in Smith's "Tales of Three Lands" trilogy, Catrina Ashdale journeys to the city of Freyfall to locate her long-lost father, a wandering minstrel. Once there, she meets Garth, a wizard's apprentice who agrees to help with Catrina's search after he unwittingly turns her into a cat. Kliatt reviewer Erin Darr dubbed the book "a well-written magical romp that will have the reader anxiously turn- ing the pages to see what happens next." Talisa's Song focuses on Talisa Thatcher, a talented Uglessian singer who is born into a family of magicians. While studying music in Freya, Talisa becomes attracted to Cory, a young man who is accused of a horrible crime he did not commit. Talisa's "journey from childhood toward maturity is accompanied by a delicately handled love interest," remarked K.V. Johansen in Resource Links. In The Weathermage Catrina and Talisa join forces with Galia Soradotter, a wizard from the Misty Isles, to save their homelands from disaster.

Sir Cassie to the Rescue appeared in 2003. After reading a book about knights in shining armor, Cassie and her brother, Trevor, construct a castle in their living room. When Cassie asks Trevor to pretend to be a damsel in distress in a game of imagination, he understandably balks at the idea; instead, he agrees to portray a fierce dragon guarding a cave filled with treasure. "This sets the tone for an amusing romp into Medieval make-believe," noted Isobel Lang in Resource Links. According to School Library Journal contributor Wendy Woodfill, Sir Cassie to the Rescue "is an appealing look at the resourcefulness of children and the relationship between siblings."

Another of Smith's books for young readers, Kelly's Cabin centers on a young girl who transforms a refrigerator box into a comfortable playhouse. In a review of the book for Canadian Review of Materials, Deborah Mervold praised the book's "believable dialogue," adding that the story's "content is interesting yet easy to read and follow."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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Linda Smith Home Page, (January 21, 2007).

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Smith, Linda

SMITH, Linda


Career: Actress.


Film Appearances:

Wendy, Angel Unchained (also known as Angels Unchained and Hells Angels Unchained ), American International Pictures, 1970.

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Neurologist, Shadows of the Past, Astral Film Enterprises, 1991.

Annabelle, Legends of the North (also known as Esperanza and Grand nord ), Trimark Pictures, 1995.

Female prosecutor, The List, York Entertainment, 2000.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Kelly, Miles to Go..., CBS, 1986.

Heather, No Blame, 1988.

Jane, Liberace: Behind the Music, CBS, 1988.

Joanna Andersen (some sources cite Joanna Henderson), The Phone Call, 1989.

Judy Grover, Taken, The Movie Channel, 1999.

Ann Grayson, Someone Is Watching, Lifetime, 2000.

Mrs. Laura Lyons, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Odyssey, 2000.

Olivia, Obsessed, Lifetime, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Carole Bayers, "Videodate," The Hitchhiker, HBO, 1985.

Mrs. Freeman, "The Tale of the Twisted Claw," Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Nickelodeon, 1992.

Television Appearances; Other:

Courtney Fairchild, Shades of Love: The Rose Cafe, [Canada], 1987.

Lily Reynolds, Shades of Love: Little White Lies, [Canada], 1988.

Emily, A Cry in the Night, [Canada and France], 1992.

Martha, Flight from Justice (also known as Justice a Eden River, Les aventuriers..., and Les aventuriers d'Eden River ), [United States, Canada, and France], 1993.

Nina Nathan (some sources cite Linda Nathan), Vendetta II: The New Mafia (miniseries; also known as Bride of Violence 2 and Donna d'onore 2 ), HBO, 1993.

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