How to Get a Job in Security and Loss Prevention Services


If you are interested in getting a job in security and loss prevention services, there are many opportunities available. You can work in casinos, retail stores, corporations, universities, banks and museums.

Responsibilities In The Security And Loss Prevention Services Sector

If you decide to pursue a career in the security and loss prevention services sector, your job will include a number of duties. Since you are involved in preventing theft, one of your main duties will be to patrol the store and look for any suspicious behavior that shoppers may be exhibiting. If you suspect that someone is attempting to take goods from a store, you can question them and call the police if you feel like a crime has been committed.

Working Environments For This Job

Banks are one of the most popular businesses that require staff who can make sure that the environment is safe. Unfortunately, since banks deal with money, they are sometimes targeted by thieves. Your role as an armed security guard would be to recognize when a bad situation might happen. Your job entails observing customers as well as bank employees.

Salaries In This Sector

Salaries for jobs in this sector are similar. Here are some positions and the amount of salary that they pay. These figures are based on statistics from 2018:

Bank security guard – $27,500 average salary; With a range between $22,000-$39,000
Campus security guard – $27,500 average salary; With a range between $22,000 and $39,000
Retail store loss prevention officer: $29,000 average salary; With a range between $23,000-$40,000

How To Get A Job In Security And Loss Prevention Services

Two obtain employment in the sector, you’ll need to be honest, physically fit, have the ability to make quick decisions and be a great communicator. To become a security officer, you will need to obtain proper training and receive licensing. Each state has different requirements.

Job Requirements

To understand the requirements in your state, you will need to search the internet. Use the keywords “security officer training” with the name of the state that you live in. Most official sites will end with a .gov. However, you may also find a few sites that are .org websites. While most of these are not officially run by a state or local government, some of them do have good information. Always double check the information with a couple of other sites if you are not using an official government site.

On-The-Job Training

Once you’ve become licensed, many facilities will provide on-the-job training for a new security officer. You will learn about emergency procedures, detaining suspects and the day-to-day schedule that you will need to follow.