Privileges Of Turning 18


If you’re like most teenagers, you can’t wait until you turn 18 so that you can legally participate in activities that are strictly for adults. Here’s a list of privileges that are associated with turning 18:

1. Getting a tattoo: Once you turn the age of 18, you become legally in control of your body and what you can do to it. If you’ve got ideas for a cool tattoo, this will be your chance to finally get it inked onto your skin.

2. Skydive: If you are one of the millions of Americans who crave an adrenaline rush, you may be interested in skydiving once you turn 18. It’s a little more expensive than riding a roller coaster, but the adrenaline rush is out of this world.

3. Buy fireworks: In the past, you probably had to rely on an older brother or your parents if you wanted to purchase a fat stack of fireworks. Once you become of legal age, you can buy as many fireworks as you desire.

4. Sue another person: If another person does something wrongs you while you are still a minor, you are required to use the help of an adult if you want to file a lawsuit. Turning 18 means that you won’t have to consult anyone else if you decide to hire an attorney and sue another person.

5. Join the military: If you have always wanted to serve your country, you can now legally join one of the military branches. This may be a smart way for you to get trained and pay for schooling in the future. However, on the negative side, if you aren’t interested in the military, you will not have a choice of joining as 18-year-olds are eligible for the draft if the country ever goes to war.

6. Donate blood: You will now have the opportunity to donate plasma, which has the potential to save lives. You might even get paid a few bucks for this charitable contribution.

7. Book a cruise: Having the ability to cruise around the world is now in your hands. You can travel around the Caribbean islands, head to the Hawaiian Islands or see the sights near the shores of Alaska.

8. By a pack of cigarettes: Smoking isn’t one of the best habits that you can start when you turn 18. However, when you reach this age, you are considered adult enough to make the decision to use tobacco.

9. Lease a house or apartment: It is finally time to start venturing out of your parent’s home and get a place that you can call your own. When you are ready to make this big move, you are truly entering into the adult world.

10. Legally consume alcohol (in other countries): while the legal drinking age is 21 in the United States, if you decide to travel abroad to places like Canada or Europe, you can partake in the consumption of alcohol as countries in those regions allow you to drink when you turn 18.