How to Get a Job in Legal Studies


If you are wondering how to get a job in legal studies, you need to understand the roles that you can play as well as the steps that you need to take for your education. Jobs in legal studies include roles such as legal assistant, paralegal, probation officer, law office manager or legal secretary.

Responsibilities For Jobs In Legal Studies

If you decide to become a probation officer, your job duties will include monitoring clients so that they follow the probation terms that they have been given. You would have responsibilities that include the following:

– Evaluate clients for treatment
– Arrange treatment for clients
– Meeting with family members of an offender to give progress updates
– Complete reports regarding your clients

Another interesting job in this sector is performed by a paralegal. In this job, you’re responsible for assisting an attorney and legal matters in their office. These tasks may include the following:

– Writing reports for trial
– Drafting legal documents
– Assisting lawyers who are in court
– Investigating legal databases for information regarding a case
– Researching applicable laws and past cases
– Organizing information and making copies of pertinent documents

Another role in legal studies that is important is that of a legal secretary. In this position, you would be responsible for some of the following tasks:

– Answering the telephone
– Recording notes during briefings and meetings
– Filing various paperwork with the appropriate courts
– Researching case law
– Gathering documents for trial
– Organizing legal documents

Salary For Jobs In Legal Studies

Legal Secretaries: An average base pay of $55,000 per year; Salaries range between $38,000-$73,000
Paralegal: Average base pay of $52,000; Salaries range between $38,000-$71,000
Probation Officer: Average base pay of $36,000 per year; Salaries range from $28,000-$52,000

Education And Qualifications

If you’re interested in becoming a legal assistant or paralegal, you’ll need to obtain an Associate’s degree in an accredited paralegal studies program. You can also earn a certificate from a paralegal association. You will likely receive a higher salary if you have a bachelor’s degree in some type of paralegal studies. In addition, experience and high performance will bump up your salary as well.

The job of a legal secretary will require you to earn an Associate’s degree or a certificate from an accredited organization. Becoming a probation officer will require a bachelor’s degree that is preferably in social work, psychology or criminal justice. In addition, some states will require you to complete a certification program.