How Long Does Priority Mail Take?


Two of the fastest forms of delivery the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers are First Class and Priority Mail. With the costs of true Overnight Mail service rising rapidly, companies are turning to the other types of fast service to get mail to its destination quickly. Before you start using these postal options, you need to understand their differences and the time frame associated with each.

First Class Versus Priority Mail

The primary difference between First Class and Priority Mail is the size of the parcel that can be delivered. First Class is primarily for small and large envelopes, while Priority Mail is for packages of all sizes. The USPS offers pre-printed boxes for Priority Mail that ship at a flat rate, which are very popular with business users.

How Fast Does Priority Mail Take To Ship?

On average, a Priority Mail package will arrive at its destination one to three business days after it has been dropped off to be shipped. It is important to remember that a Priority Mail package must be dropped off at a post office location to be guaranteed the fast service that is offered.

The Variables In Speed

There are several elements that affect the speed of a Priority Mail delivery. For example, a package dropped off early in the day will usually ship out that day, but a package dropped off later may sit until the next day. A delivery time frame that includes a holiday or a weekend will potentially delay a Priority Mail package by a day or more.

Getting The Most From Priority Mail

To get the maximum speed for your Priority Mail delivery, it is best to drop your package off early on a Monday or Tuesday during a week with no federal holidays. With postal service now running on Sundays in many parts of the country, it is possible that your Priority Mail package could arrive faster even if you drop off later in the week. But it is important to drop your package of early in the day if you want it to ship out right away.

Unavoidable Delays

The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for delivery organizations, and that season will affect how fast your Priority Mail package arrives. While your package will still receive special handling because of its elevated status, the backlog of packages at every post office during this time of the year makes quick delivery a challenge. If you need a package to arrive in a certain amount of days during the Christmas season, then it is best to get that package out as early as possible.

There is no guaranteed time frame associated with Priority Mail, but it is one of the fastest package deliver options the USPS offers. As long as you get your package to your local post office early in the day and at a time that will avoid federal holidays, then you can expect that package to arrive at its destination in one to three business days.