How To Sell Blood For Money


Selling your blood for money is not only beneficial for you but helps save lives. When you donate your blood, plasma is extracted and used for therapies that help treat chronic conditions. Burn victims, trauma patients and people who have clotting disorders are just a few of the individuals who benefit when you donate blood. However, you must meet certain eligibility requirements before you are allowed to participate.

Blood Donation Eligibility

You must follow certain requirements if you want to sell your blood for money. The first requirement is a weight restriction — you must have a minimum weight of 110 pounds. Also, there is an age restriction with a minimum age of 18 and a maximum of 65. You must be healthy and pass a quick physical examination before you are allowed to go through the procedure. In the United States, other requirements do vary slightly from state to state. However, some conditions will make you ineligible regardless of the state. They include the following:

– Being HIV-positive
– Being at risk for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or being related to someone who has the disease
– Having a history of Chagas disease or babesiosis
– Having a history of hepatitis after the age of 11

You will also be restricted for certain medications or activities. These include:

– Blood clotting medications
– Psoriasis medications like Tegison
– Anti-acne drugs that contain isotretinoin
– Steroid or illegal drug injections

A third restriction of eligibility looks at your travel experiences and lifestyle:

– You must not have visited a country with a high risk of malaria within a certain timeframe
– You are ineligible if you had a blood transfusion after 1980 while in France or the UK
– You must not have participated in sex acts and been compensated with drugs or money
– You must not have received a piercing or tattoo within the last year

Where To Sell Your Blood For Money

If you reside in the United States, you will find over 400 certified centers throughout the country that have a license to extract your plasma. The rules for each location may be slightly different. If you’ve been donating in one state and travel to another, you will have to check with the new center to make sure you are eligible for giving a donation. Be aware, you won’t be able to sell your blood for money at every one of these plasma donation centers. Some of them do not compensate donors when blood is given.

Receiving Compensation When You Donate Blood

The amount of money that you will receive for donating blood plasma will not be the same at different locations. On average, you can expect to earn around $30 each time that you donate plasma. Some centers pay as little as $10 per visit. Other centers pay as high as $60. While this is a good way to help yourself as well as others, don’t expect to make this a daily endeavor. There is a time restriction between each visit. Again, it depends on the area, but you can expect to make around $240 every 30 days or $2880 per year.

Use the keywords “plasma donation centers” with the name of the nearest city to search online for the closest plasma center near you. Give them a call to ask any questions before you visit the center.