How To File For Unemployment Benefits Extension


It can be difficult to find a job in a bad economy. You can use unemployment benefits for a short period of time, but what can you do when the time runs out? Discover how to file for unemployment benefits extension.

Unemployment Benefits

The United States government has set up many layers of financial protection for the unemployed. These safety nets are meant to keep the economy functioning. As a worker, you are due unemployment compensation.

During your work time, you and your employer paid into the state’s unemployment compensation fund. Unemployment compensation law establishes that you can only be on it for a certain period of time. Unemployment benefits really were only meant to be a short-term safety net.

Unemployment Compensation Requirements

You might need to prove that you are still actively searching for a job. Most states will have job centers where government employees can help you with your resumes. You can also go to most libraries, they will usually have a job center.

Libraries might offer free Internet. This might enable you to apply for jobs online. Every bit helps.

2008 Sub Prime Crisis

Unfortunately, unemployment rates remain very high since 2008. Some economists believe that the long-term unemployment rates after 2008 are comparable to the rates of the Great Depression in 1929.

What happens if you haven’t gotten a new job? You have bills to pay. How do you get an unemployment compensation extension?

Unemployment insurance laws vary by state. Each state determines how long you can stay on its unemployment insurance compensation program. You can also apply for federal unemployment compensation benefits.

EUC Federal Benefits

You will need to file documentation proving your identity, work history and why you need an unemployment benefits extension. Once you exhaust your state unemployment insurance compensation plan, you can apply with the federal government’s Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. It includes the following tiers:

Tier 1 adds 14 weeks (all states)
Tier 2 adds 14 weeks (states with unemployment rate of 6%+)
Tier 3 adds 9 weeks (states with unemployment rate of 7%+)
Tier 4 adds 10 weeks (states with unemployment rate of 9%+)

As you can see, the EUC program gives you more weeks of eligibility. Hopefully, you can find a job during that time.

Emergency Benefits

You could even apply to the federal Emergency Benefits (EB) program. This might give you 13 more weeks of unemployment insurance benefits.

Disability Filing

You are not alone if you have been receiving unemployment insurance for a long time. More Americans have been collecting long-term unemployment insurance. Some of these individuals eventually file for disability. Disability allows them to continue to receive a government cheque.