How To File A Noise Complaint


Every municipality has a noise ordinance that dictates when all loud noises must cease. These ordinances are usually very specific in how many decibels noises must exceed to be considered in violation, but these thresholds are usually very low. Apartment complexes, condos and other residential communities also have noise ordinances that dictate when loud noises must cease. If you are being pestered by loud noises, then there are steps you can take to rectify it.

One-On-One With The Noise Maker

Your first step is to try and talk directly with the person making the noise and asking them to stop. Before you do that, you should first determine if the noise violates ordinances that govern where you live. If someone is making noise below the set decibel level during hours they are allowed to make noise, then you might not have much of a complaint.

Your best bet is to approach the person with respect and try to open a friendly discussion. If you work during the night and sleep during the day, then you and the other party might be able to come to an agreement on noise hours.

File A Complaint

If you live in an apartment complex, condo or an area regulated by a housing association and direct negotiations did not work, then your next step is to file a noise complaint. It is quite possible that you might not get the results you want if the noise is within the outlined levels of intensity and time. But filing a complaint can be the next step if your attempts and direct discussions do not work.

Call The Police

In most communities, there is no form you fill out to file a noise complaint. It is a good assumption that if the noise is bothering you, then it is bothering others. No matter what time of the day it may be, the police will investigate noise complaints for excessively loud noises. The police will attempt to find the source of the noise, and ask the person to turn the noise down.

Issues Where A Complaint Might Not Be Enough

Construction sites, airports, military bases and industrial complexes tend to generate a lot of noise, which is why they are generally built away from residential areas. But if you live in a home that is near one of these noisemakers, then you might have a fight on your hands to get some peace and quiet.

Residential properties located near noisy areas generally sell for below market value. When you buy a property at below market value in a noisy area, it is generally accepted that you will not complain about the noise. If you do find the noise unbearable, then you can file an official complaint with your local government. If it is a military base or an airport, then you may have to contact your federal representatives.

Noise complaints are generally used to quiet people who do not honor noise ordinances in residential areas. You can file a noise complaint if someone is making too much racket, but your task may be a bit more compelling if you decide to take on an airport or a factory.