How to Cancel a Cell Phone Contract – Without Paying


If you want to cancel your cell phone contract without paying an outrageous cancellation fee, the first step that you need to take is to learn the steps in the process for canceling a cell phone with your carrier. It is important to not start the cancellation process! You just need to understand the steps that will need to be taken to cancel your contract.

Changing Providers

The second step that you need to take is to transfer your old cell phone number into a new cell phone and have that number listed in your new cell phone contract. After you have transferred your number to a new contract with a new carrier, then you can begin the process of canceling your old cell phone contract.

Canceling The Old Contract

If you only signed up for the “old” contract less than two weeks ago, you can easily cancel the contract by utilizing a “buyer’s remorse” clause if this is part of your contract with them. Of course, the cell phone carrier will not want you to leave so they will try and entice you with free goodies, a new rate or a free extension. You’ll want to tell them “no” when they offer you these enticements. Explain to them that you want to return the phone by using the buyer’s remorse clause. Eventually, a representative from the phone carrier will have to process your request.

Reasons For Canceling

You could also cancel your cell phone contract and not pay any fees when your phone company decides to alter a rate or add some type of new charge. These changes are grounds for you to cancel your contract. This will require monthly scrutiny of each bill that you receive. When you notice a discrepancy or change, that’s your cue to transfer your number to a new carrier. At that point, you can let them know that you want to cancel your contract due to the change in terms. You can even tell them that he will contact state authorities that handle these situations if they do not allow you to cancel.

Bad Service

If you are receiving bad service on a constant basis, you should make sure that it is documented. By having this type of recorded proof, you have grounds for cancellation. In some cases, phone providers will have a clause that states you can’t cancel your contract due to bad service. In this type of situation, let the representative know that this is not legal and that you will call your state authority about this. The representative should relent.

No-Service Area

If you move to an area that doesn’t provide service, you should be able to have your contract canceled. Again, the representative will want to keep you with the carrier. You’ll need to stay firm and let them know that you will contact a state authority if they do not cancel your contract.

By using these techniques and being diligent, you should have success canceling your cell phone contract and avoiding a penalty.