How To Buy Silver 10 Oz Bars In Canada


If you are in Canada and decide to buy 10 oz silver bars, you are making a smart investment. 10 oz silver bars have a lower premium than silver coins. They are also less expensive than gold bars and easy to store. You have a few options if you want to buy 10 oz silver bars in Canada.

10 Oz Silver Bars For Sale Online

The online world has dramatically changed the way that you can accumulate precious metals. With the click of your mouse, you can browse through the silver inventory that various online dealers have for sale. If you want to purchase 10 oz silver bars and have them sent to Canada, you need to make sure that the online dealer who you are dealing with will ship your package internationally. International shipping policies vary between dealers. Some online dealers offer to ship to Canada and others don’t.

Checking International Shipping Status

Before you even look at any inventory that an online silver dealer has for sale, you’ll want to confirm that they have an international shipping policy that includes Canada. Typically, if you browse to the bottom of a dealer’s website, they will have a “FAQ” section that discusses international shipping or a link to an area on where they discuss international shipping. If they do allow shipping to Canada, they may require you to call a certain number during business hours to place your order. This helps them avoid fraudulent purchases as they are taking a risk by mailing precious metals through the mail.

Local Canadian Precious Metals Dealers

If you’re in Canada and want to purchase 10 oz silver bars, you can always use a local dealer that’s reputable. If you’re in a major city such as Vancouver or Montréal, you’ll have the best luck locating a local dealer. Go to your favorite search engine and type “silver dealer” with the name of the closest major city to discover dealers that are close to you. Once you find one, you can call them or use their website to see if they have any 10 oz silver bars for sale. They may be willing to mail you the bars — each dealer has separate rules.

Auction Sites

You can also check the listings of large auction sites like eBay to find people who are willing to ship 10 oz silver bars to Canada. In the search bar of the site, type “10 oz silver bar” and click search. Unfortunately, there is not a way to narrow down where sellers are willing to ship their items. You will have to click on individual listings and examine each respective sellers’ shipping options. You’ll find this below the “Price” area. If a seller ships to Canada, the option will probably state that they sell “Worldwide” with some exclusions. If you’re still unsure, contact the seller and inquire about their shipping policy. They may be willing to send you 10 oz silver bars if you have a good reputation on the site.

With these three options to choose from, you should find a way that you can acquire a 10 oz silver bar in Canada.