How To Apply For Federal Home Improvement Grants


When you take out a home improvement loan, that is funding that you have to pay back with interest and fees. A grant is funding for home improvements that you do not have to pay back, and there are several grants available from the federal government for home improvements. Property values are critically important to the American economy, and that is one reason why the federal government helps low-income homeowners to update and improve their homes.

Find Grants In Your Area

The first step to getting federal home improvement grants is to find out what types of grants are available in your area. A good place to start is to call your local Senator or Representative’s office and ask where you can find a list of grants that are available. You will probably get directed to a website where you can find the information you need. You want to find out how many grants are available, how much funding is available for your area, and who you contact to apply.

Put Together Your Plan

When you are trying to get a federal grant for home improvements, you have to be able to prove that your improvements are necessary. For example, a project that replaces a rotting roof over a porch is a good example of something that has a chance at being approved. But adding a two-tier deck to your backyard for access to your pool is probably not going to get the thumbs up. You need to write out your idea and explain why the project is essential to your property. Any photos or videos you can add would be helpful.

Prove You Need The Help

The next step in applying for a federal government home improvement grant is to prove that you do not have the financial means to do the project on your own. This means that you do not have or cannot get the cash, credit, or combination funding necessary to make the project happen. If you need guidance on this part of your application, you can go back to calling your Senator or Representative’s office for help. You will need to provide certain financial data to back up your need, and you will need to allow access to certain accounts and personal data as well.

Gather Up Your Data And Apply

With some grants you would apply directly to a federal agency such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or the government might have a go-between organization that administers the grants for them. You will get that information when you contact your Senator or Representative’s office, and that is where you will send your application package. Make sure you include all of the information that is requested, and also be sure to address the information to the person or department that will review it.

You will be waiting a while to hear back on your grant application, so do not be impatient. You should avoid constantly calling to check on the progress of your application as many times that information is not available. Then there will be that one day when you get the letter in the mail stating that your grant has been approved and your project can begin.