Countries With The Lowest Crime Rate In The World


While the United States has a high-crime rate that is primarily caused by intentional homicides, there are several countries around the world that have low-crime rates. In some cases, it is possible for someone to move to a different country to enjoy its lower crime rate, but it is also possible for American law officials to learn more about why these countries have less crime. Here is a list of countries with low-crime rates along with some of the reasons for having fewer crimes each year.

Country 1: Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it a safe place to live. There are very few robberies or homicides in this tiny country because Switzerland is divided into 26 regions where there are different legal authorities. This may make it a safer place to live because there are more law officials watching the local businesses and private residences. However, the major reason for the lower crime rate is that the individuals living there have more money, so there are fewer robberies.

Country 2: New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is located near to Australia, but it is a more isolated region with a lower population. This country is very concerned about its wilderness areas, and it does not permit most firearms into the regions. Without a gun, it is difficult to commit a violent crime, and this has led to a very low crime rate for this country.

Country 3: Norway

Norway is an extremely cold country that has long winters, so this is one of the reasons for this country’s lower crime rate. Statistics reveal that Norway typically has fewer than 30 murders per year. This country also has strict gun laws, including the types of weapons that are used for hunting and sports. Law officials also make sure that anyone who has a weapon keeps it in a secure area.

Country 4: Austria

Austria keeps records concerning its crime rate, and it seldom has an intentional homicide. However, petty theft such as purse snatching is common in areas where there are a lot of tourists. Today, Austria is focusing more attention on protecting the citizens in larger cities. Most crimes occur in larger metropolitan regions rather than in the rural towns of Austria.

Country 5: Japan

Japan has strict weapon regulations, including for firearms and swords. If a citizen wants to own a weapon for sport or hunting, then he must undergo a lengthy application process. Violent crimes or intentional homicide is a rare occurrence in this country that also has severe punishments for criminals, including hanging for murder.

Country 6: Denmark

Denmark is a small country with a low-crime rate, and it has approximately 50 intentional homicides each year. Recently, motorcycle gangs have caused problems in Denmark, but the local law officials have worked diligently to eliminate these criminals. One of the major ways that Denmark controls the crime rate is by watching its borders along Germany and Sweden.