Hutchison, Sandra B.

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Hutchison, Sandra B.


Born in Boston, MA; married Charles Hutchison (a university professor); children: Nana, Aba. Ethnicity: "African American." Education: Tufts University, B.A., 1986; Bryn Mawr College, M.S.S., 1988.


Home—Charlotte, NC. E-mail—[email protected]


Licensed clinical social worker in Charlotte, NC.


National Association of Social Workers, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.


Effects of and Interventions for Childhood Trauma from Infancy through Adolescence: Pain Unspeakable, Haworth Press (New York, NY), 2005.


Sandra B. Hutchison told CA: "I have always had a love for reading and writing. As a child I was given the nickname ‘School Teacher’ by the people in my neighborhood because I could often be seen walking home from the local library with a pile of books in my arms.

"I grew up in Roxbury, an inner-city community in Boston, Massachusetts, and faced many challenges. The capacity to imagine became the mechanism for my survival. I could escape the harsh realities of living in a ‘concrete jungle’ by losing myself in the fantasy world of books.

"Despite my low test scores in reading and language on achievement tests, I managed to attend top schools and excel in my course work all the way through graduate school. The high recognition that I received from my mentors challenged many stereotypes that the public placed on African Americans, especially those who lived in the inner city.

"I always thought that I would write a fiction book. My work experience as a psychotherapist, however, led me in a different direction. I chose to write on the subject of trauma after working on a trauma response team in rural Alaska. After about two years of working with traumatized populations in a culture that differed from my own, I desired to learn more, not only about trauma, but also about its effects on various cultural groups.

"My writing incorporates elements of both fiction and nonfiction styles, making it readable for most audiences. I never want to be limited in what I choose to write about, so my next book may be something entirely different. One just has to wait and see."

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