What You Can Legally Do When You’re 18


If you are like most young adults, you can’t wait until you turn 18. It allows you to legally partake in many exciting “adult” activities, but be forewarned, it also involves responsibility. Here’s a list of things you get to do when you turn 18:

1 Purchase Tobacco – While it may not be the healthiest thing to begin when you turn 18, you are allowed to purchase tobacco products and cigarettes — just don’t turn around at the age of 45 and wish that you’d never started.

2 Serve On A Jury – Turning 18 involves the legal responsibility of judging other individuals to determine if they’ve committed a crime. You might end up serving on a jury that involves a case associated with a high profile crime.

3 Going To Adult Jail – Becoming 18 also means that you are going to have to become totally responsible for the decisions and actions that you make. Mess up and you might get carted off in handcuffs.

3 Enlist Or Get Drafted – In the past, times of war meant that 18-year-olds were drafted. You won’t have any choice about this decision if it’s mandated. Otherwise, you now have the opportunity to serve your country in the Navy, Marines, Army or Air Force.

4 Vote – Another important right that you’ll have is the ability to cast your vote. If you have opinions regarding the political scene, you can express those by heading to the ballot box.

5 Get Married – Excluding Nebraska and Mississippi, you now have the ability to get married without the consent of parents, the courts or pregnancy. However, be very sure that this is something that you want as the divorce rate in the United States is between 40 to 50 percent.

6 Get A Tattoo Or Piercing – Have you been eyeing a design for that first tattoo? Now that you’ve turned 18, you are responsible for your body and that includes getting a tattoo or piercing.

7 Give Blood – At 18, you can also serve your community by donating blood. This act has the possibility of actually saving someone’s life!

8 Purchase Fireworks – For many years, you had to ask your parents if they would buy the loudest or brightest fireworks. They may have decided against it. Now, you can reward yourself with as many pyrotechnics as you want.

9 Play the Lottery – The thrill of ending up with large amounts of money when you spend a couple of bucks is now in your control, but remember, it only takes just one ticket for you to win.

10 Checks and Banking – As a legal adult, you can now open a bank account and write checks. Of course, you will need some money to place in your account, which often requires a job.

Turning 18 can be a fun time. Just don’t get carried away and you’ll be fine.