Examples Of Minutes In A Meeting


Example of Meeting Minutes
Date (Day/Month/Year)
Location of meeting (including floor and conference room designation)


In the attendees section, you would list every attendee who was present and those that were absent. The members that were present will be listed along with their title or department in parenthesis. There will be a second category titled “Absent” that will list all attendees who were listed on the original agenda but did not attend. Titles or departments for missing meeting attendees are optional.


Sometimes attendees are given permission to bring guests to the meeting. Those guests, along with their company name and title, would be listed here.

Meeting Proceedings:

This is where all of the agenda items are listed and the discussion pertaining to each individual item is noted. This section starts with a note of who opened the meeting and at what time of the day. If this is a regular meeting, such as a board of directors meeting, then it would be noted at the beginning of this section that the minutes from the previous meeting were read and ratified by the group.

Each agenda topic is a subheading in this section, and summary notes are offered to describe the discussion that took place on each topic. It is customary for the notes to indicate who made the statements that were being put into the minutes, and any motions pertaining to each subheading can be noted and logged.

Other Business:

It is normal for meetings to discuss topics not included on the agenda, and those topics are listed under this heading. Each topic discussed is given its own subheading, and the discussion is logged just as it is in the body of the standard minutes.

It is rare that topics of significance are raised in this section. If the meeting chairperson feels that a topic is too significant to cover in this part of the minutes, then a note will be made to organize a separate meeting for that subject.

Meeting Assessment:

This section is reserved for the chairperson’s assessment as to how the meeting was conducted. If the meeting runs long for unacceptable reasons, then that will be noted here. Attendees that chose to not be respectful of the rest of the group are noted in this section along with a summary of their actions.

Meeting Adjourned:

The exact time of the meeting adjournment is noted. If the meeting covered more than one day, then the date of the adjournment is also noted.

Submitted By:

The secretary who created the minutes is identified in this section, but their signature or title is not normally necessary.