Twenty One Pilots Tickets

The Columbus based duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun form the Twenty One Pilots. Entering the music scene in 2009, the alternative hip-hop artists are lauded for their unique fusion of indie pop and piano driven sounds. The variety in their style and energetic live sets has made them America’s “Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group”. The biggest group to break out in 2015, Twenty One Pilots’ 4th album “BLURRYFΛCE” propelled them to international fame, clinching the top spot on the Billboard 200. It earned them several wins at the awards functions, including the “Best Live Act” at the 2016 MTV Europe Music Award. Joseph and Dun are celebrating their recent success on the road, treating the fans to “Emotional Roadshow World Tour”. Twenty One Pilots concert tickets are recording huge sales not just for the North American leg but also the Oceania leg that kicks off in March.

Twenty One Pilots – The Formation

Exploding out of the music obsessed, college town Columbus, Twenty One Pilots was formed by the lead singer Tyler Joseph, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas. During a study session, the trio was reading a play by Arthur Miller titled “All My Sons” and it inspired the name of their band. The play presented a moral dilemma to its protagonist as he had to choose between the easy decision and the right one. The death of ‘twenty one pilots’ during the World War II was on him and he now had to decide what was best for his family. Soon after the name was finalized, Joseph, Salih and Thomas self-released the album “Twenty One Pilots”. Venturing into electronic music, their style included altering dance tracks with meaningful songs that featured Tyler Josephs’ manic lyrics. What also stood out was Josephs’ unique vocal delivery that mixed emotional singing with frantic rapping. While it wasn’t quite an innovative effort, Twenty One Pilots still managed to impress with strong songwriting. They had the fans and critics excited and people couldn’t wait to see what else they’d come up with.

A Solid Beginning With Fresh Lineup

In 2011, both Chris Salih and Nick Thomas left the band but not before introducing Tyler Joseph to Josh Dun. Their connection was instant and together they embarked on headlining tours and had their singles dominating the radio. Soon after “Regional at Best” was released and it featured the band’s signature sound – blend of dance music, hip-hop and piano rock. Musically speaking, it was huge evolution from their first album and once again they got the fans intrigued.

Vessel: Twenty One Pilots third album “Vessel” came out in 2013 and broke through the music charts. It peaked at 21 position on the Billboard 200 and produced hits like “Holding on To You”. When the band embarked on “Quiet Is Violent World Tour” in 2014, millions of 21 Pilots concert tickets sold as the fans looked forward to listen to the live version of “House of Gold”, “Fake You Out” and “Car Radio”.

Blurryface: Their most successful album till now, “BLURRYFΛCE” was released after a gap of two years. It lived up to the expectations, topping Billboard 200 and producing chartbusters like “Stressed Out” and “Tear in My Heart”. “Stressed Out” climbed at the top of almost every radio except maybe country genre and is the most requested song in all Twenty One Pilots shows. It goes without saying that Twenty One Pilots tickets holders will be waiting for the track to unleash at full concert volume at their “Emotional Roadshow World Tour”. A frequent “Best Live Band” nominee, Twenty One Pilots is an act worth watching live, at least once.