Tennessee Titans Tickets

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Tennessee Titans is a football team that plays in the NFL. Currently the member of the American Football Conference (AFC) South Division, the Titans call the Nissan Stadium in Nashville their home. Previously known as the Tennessee Oilers from 1997-98 and the Houston Oilers (1960-96), the Titans changed their name two years into their move from Houston, Texas. The history of this franchise began in 1960 when the Oilers played as a charter member of the American Football League (AFL). Before joining the NFL in 1970, the Oilers already had two AFL Championships to their name. Since their move from Houston, Texas, the Titans have made regular appearances in the playoffs. If you’re a fan of this franchise, then here is your chance to get Tennessee Titans tickets.

The Houston Oilers (1960-96)

After making several unsuccessful bids for an NFL expansion team, Bud Adams, a successful oilman in Houston, decided to make the Oilers a charter member of the American Football League in 1960. In their first year with the league, the Oilers won their first AFL Championship over the Los Angeles Chargers (10-4). In addition to winning their first AFL Championship, the Oilers also acquired Billy Cannon, an athlete the NFL had its eyes on. 1961 saw the Oilers make it to the AFL Championship game again where they defeated the San Diego Chargers (previously known as the Los Angeles Chargers) again (10-3). The Oilers achieved this feat with the help of flanker Charlie Hennigan, running back Charlie Tolar, guard Bon Talamini and quarter back George Blanda. The Oilers reached the AFL Championship in 1962 again, however this time they lost to the Dallas Texans. The 1962 AFL Championship was, at the time, the longest championship football game ever played as it went into double overtime. After 1962, the Oilers were unable to reach any AFL or NFL Championship final. With six Division Championships and a total of fifteen playoff appearances, the Oilers were unable to reach the success they achieved in their early years.

The Tennessee Oilers (1997-1998)

After spending 36 years in Houston, the owners decided to move to Tennessee when they couldn’t get a new stadium in Houston. Setting camp in Memphis’s Liberty Memorial Stadium, the Houston Oilers changed their name to the Tennessee Oilers. Adams, at the time, was against the idea of playing at the Vanderbilt Stadium, which according to him was not a big enough stadium. However, after a dismal show of support from fans, Adams and the team had no choice but to temporarily move to Nashville. The Oilers were also unable to make it to the playoffs that year.

The Tennessee Titans (1999-Present)

In 1999, things started to look up as soon as the team moved to Nashville. Renamed once again as the Tennessee Titans, the team reached the playoffs after a six year drought. And if making it to the playoffs was not enough, the Titans defeated the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars to reach Super Bowl XXXIV against the St Louis Rams. Referred to as the Dot-com Super Bowl due to the heavy websites advertisement, this Super Bowl will always be known for Mike Jones’s tackle of Kevin Dyson, on the last play, only one yard away from the goal line. If Dyson had made it across the goal line, the game would’ve been tied. This crucial play would go down in NFL history as One Yard Shot or simply The Tackle. The Tennessee Titans lost the Super Bowl 23-16.

The Titans would make it to the playoffs again in 2000 where they would lose to the Baltimore Ravens 10-24. Missing out on 2001, the Titans would reach the playoffs in 2002 and make it all the way to the AFC Championship Final after defeating the Pittsburg Steelers 34-31. However, the Oakland Raiders would get the better of them in the finals. The 2003 season would also see the Titans reach the playoffs again and make it to the second round where they lose to the New England Patriots 14-17. The Titans, after four years, would make it to the playoffs again in 2007 and 2008. Losing in the first and second round respectively would bring about a playoff drought that has lasted almost a decade.

The Greatest Titans

With a 57 year history, the Titans have had many great players on their roster. The list starts with Running Back Eric Campbell who among other teams, played for the Houston Oilers from 1978 – 1984. Campbell is a five time Pro Bowl and NFL MVP in 1979. Nicknamed ‘The Tyler Rose’ a reference to his place of birth, Campbell played some of his best games with the Oilers. During his time, the Oilers made it to the playoffs three times.

Harold Warren Moon is another name that is included in the Oilers/Titans Hall of Fame. Quarterback Moon played for the Oilers from 1984-1993. A nine time Pro Bowl and NFL MVP in 1990, Moon, at the time of his retirement held many records. These included most pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards and touchdowns. Moon has the distinction of being the first African American athlete to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tackle, Guard, Center, Bruce Mathews is another name that needs no introduction. Mathews played for the Oilers/Tennessee Oilers/Tennessee Titans from 1983-2001. A fourteen time Pro Bowl, Mathews was included in the NFL’s 1990’s All Decade Team. After retirement, Mathews went into coaching and became the offensive assistant for the Houston Texans and offensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans.

The last time the Titans reached the playoffs was in 2008. Since then, the Titans have not been able to do justice to the talent they currently have on the roster. With the new season about to start, this may be the year when the Titans turn it all around for their fans. If you’re fan of the Titans, then get the Tennessee Titans tickets before they all sell out.