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The Super Bowl is the premier sports game in US Sports. The annual championship game, which decides the winner of the NFL season, is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. Winning the Super Bowl is considered as the pinnacle of any athlete’s career. The first Super Bowl was played in 1967 and the game grew in prominence after the 1970 merger between the NFL and the AFL. Today, it truly represents the highest achievement in the world of American football. The game is the third most watched sports event in the world after the UEFA Champions League Final and the El CLassico between Spain’s Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. To catch the upcoming edition of the Super Bowl live, get Super Bowl tickets at the earliest. If you want to be a part of the Super Bowl experience this year, you can get Super Bowl tickets today and reserve a place in the stands at the NRG Stadium.



The history of the Super Bowl is intrinsically linked with the history of the National Football League. For almost forty years since its inception in 1921, the NFL warded off competitions from rival leagues and remained the premier football competition in the US. However, the American Football League became a serious contender for that title after its inception in 1960.

The AFL and NFL were locked in a struggle for supremacy for the best part of a decade and were not only vying for fans, professional talent as well. However, in time both parties realized that this was counter intuitive for both sides and whispers of a merger between the two sides began emerging. In 1966, a merger agreement was reached and it was decided that from 1970 onwards, the two leagues would merge into one official league.

During their heyday, both leagues had their own separate national championship games to crown the winners for each season. However, once the merger was agreed, both leagues decided that at the end of each season, their respective champions would face off in a world championship game for the sport, until the leagues merged into one. This game would come to be known as the Super Bowl.  

Bowl games had been around since the early days of football in the USA. However, the name Super Bowl was coined by Lamar Hunt, former owner of the Kansas City Chief’s. Initially used in a light hearted manner, the name struck a chord with the media and public and in the third year of its existence, the championship game started being called Super Bowl officially. To denote the specific editions of the game, roman numerals were affixed to each Super Bowl. The winner of the Super Bowl is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which has been named after the legendary coach who oversaw the success of the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. 

Early Years

In the earlier years of the super Bowl, there was a fear that NFL teams overpower the AFL teams. This was the case in the game’s first two years as the Green Bay Packers’ won the first two Super Bowls. There was a nagging feeling in the mind of franchise owners that the merger would fall through since the NFL teams would consider themselves better than their AFL rivals. However, that changed when the New York Jets clinched Super Bowl III by beating the Baltimore Colts. The following year the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs secured the AFL’s second Super Bowl title. Since then there has been little fear of the merger falling apart and the Lombardi Trophy became the most coveted item in American Football.

Super Bowl Champions

Over the years, there have been nineteen different Super Bowl Champions. Seven teams have won the prestigious trophy once, whereas twelve franchises have won the trophy more than once. While most of the teams have appeared in the Super Bowl, there are four franchises, whose fans are yet to watch them in the “big game”. These include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Houston Texans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the distinction of the being the most successful team in Super Bowl history; they have six titles to their name from eight appearances. The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots have also made eight appearances in the Super Bowl, but have won five and four championships respectively.

The Buffalo Bills hold the unfortunate record of appearing the most number of Super Bowls without a win. The Bills played in four consecutive Super Bowls from 1990-1993 but failed to secure a win in any one of the games.

There have been several dominant franchises in the NFL, but in the last ten odd years, the NFL has been dominated by the New England Patriots, who have reached six Super Bowls since 2000 and won four of them.

Half Time Show

The Super Bowl’s half time show is one of the biggest attractions of the game. The coveted half time spot goes to some of the biggest names in world music and the show is watched by over a hundred million people.

Early Super Bowls were very different, however - half time entertainment was usually provided by marching bands from high schools or colleges. But as the Super Bowl started growing in prestige, it was felt that popular musicians should be brought on to give that special “oomph factor” to the event. Unlike regular season games, thirty minutes are reserved for the Super Bowl half time show, which is enough time for several performers to come in and perform. 

The first Halftime show to have only one performer was 1993’s Super Bowl XXVII, in which the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson, set the stage ablaze with his performance. Many critics have cited Jackson’s performance as the greatest halftime performance in history. Other memorable halftime show includes U2’s iconic 2002 performance, which paid tribute to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy by displaying their names across a projection screen as they band performed the anthem, “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

The halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004) was very controversial since a so called “wardrobe malfunction” aired on national television. Reforms were introduced to ensure such an incident did not take place and for the six years after that Super Bowl, classic rock performers like Paul McCartney, The Who and The Rolling Stones performed at the halftime show.

In 2011, the halftime show once again reverted to modern performers and that trend has continued till today. In 2016, the halftime show was headlined by British rock band, Coldplay and featured guest performances by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. The 2017 halftime show for Super Bowl LI will feature pop super star Lady Gaga, but there are reports have guest artists may appear alongside her during the show.


The Super Bowl is such a prestigious event and generates so much revenue for a city that there is an intense bidding war for the right to host it. However, the prerequisite for hosting the event is that the city must have an NFL franchise in it, so as to ensure that football fans there get to experience the event.

The majority of the Super Bowls have been played in three major areas, New Orleans, the Greater Los Angeles Area and the Greater Miami Area. Cities in these areas have hosted 28 out of 50 Super Bowls. No team has ever played the Super Bowl in their home stadium, however, San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams have played the game in their home cities.

In the modern era, games are usually awarded to the newest, state of the art stadiums, since they can organize the event much better. As such, the last three Super Bowls have taken place in the relatively new MetLife Satdium, University of Phoenix Stadium and Levi’s Stadium.

The 2017 Super Bowl will take place in Houston’s NRG Stadium. The stadium has already hosted one edition of the event in 2004 (Super Bowl XXXVIII) and this will be its second Super Bowl. With a capacity of almost 72,000 people, expect the venue to be competently full by the time the biggest game of the year comes along.

The NFL has already announced Super Bowl venues for the next four years. Three new stadiums will be hosting their first ever Super Bowls, which shows an encouraging trend for newer venues to get a shot at hosting the massive event.

Ticket Prices

Since the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the US, there is a large demand for tickets. As soon as tickets are announced they are snapped up, but thankfully, the secondary ticket market has loads of tickets for you to get. The get in price, or the minimum price for a good seat, for the Super Bowl this time around is $3,560. The average ticket price, as can be expected, is on the higher side, with tickets going at $6,133.22. For the fans who want to enjoy the best possible live experience of the game, they can get tickets for special suites and pitch side seats, which are going for a maximum ticket price of $11,999.

2017 Super Bowl

Super Bowl LI will take place in Houston’s NRG Stadium on February 5th. With the date of the game edging closer, experts are now in a better position to predict who they think will play for Lombardi Trophy this year.

By all accounts, the two strongest teams to have emerged over the course of the regular season are the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. While the two sides have never met in the Super Bowl, if they reach the championship game, it will be the eighth Super Bowl appearance for both franchises. This could very well be a dream matchup featuring two of the biggest football power houses in the NFL.

Other potential candidates to reach the Super Bowl include the Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. It is difficult to predict with absolute certainty which team will reach the final, but regardless of who plays in the Super Bowl, the game will remain the single most talked about event during that time.

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