St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

It ain’t braggin if you can do it-Dizzy Dean

Dizzy Dean, uttered these immortal words during the 1934 season as a member of the St Louis Cardinals. Dizzy Dean was bragging about the number of games he and his brother, Paul “Daffy” Dean would go on to win during the campaign. The number he predicted was forty five. The two of them topped it by four and won forty nine games in total. The St Louis Cardinals clinched their third World Series title at the end of the year too.

The quote shows the kind of character Dizzy Dean was and this epic one liner also fits the St Louis Cardinals as a franchise. They have also gone out and done it, to now become one of the most legendary names in baseball history.

The St Louis Cardinals’ story is one of dedication, hard work, perseverance and above all fighting against the odds to reach the pinnacle of the sport. It is a story worth narrating too.

St Louis and baseball

Baseball came to St. Louis for the first time way back in the 1860s before the American Civil War began. The popularity of the sport triggered the formation of plenty of amateur sides in the city. Other cities established professional teams and they used to come and play against clubs from St. Louis. Since those clubs were amateur, they used to get hammered. Something had to be done to change that and the city decided to act.

The leaders of the city decided to raise funds to form a professional baseball side. Twenty thousand dollars were raised the Brown Stockings became the first ever professional St Louis baseball team in the year 1874. The side became members of the National Association (NA) and took to the field for the first time in 1875.

A short run

The formation of the St Louis Brown Stocking was a big deal but the excitement wasn’t matched by performances on the field. They didn’t make the best of starts as far as their first season was concerned and due to different reasons, the NA folded too later that same year.

The Brown Stockings and five more sides, then laid the foundations of the National League. Things went from bad to worse and the franchise was disqualified from the NL because of a game fixing scandal after the season of 1877.  The Brown Stockings went bankrupt and their days as a professional baseball team came to an end.

The St Louis Brown Stockings still kept playing as a semi professional side and Al Spink a reporter who used to work for the St. Louis Republic began a movement to give the city professional baseball once again. The team had Ned Cuthbert on the roster and he convinced Chris von der Ahe to buy the Brown Stockings. Chris did that and Spink was given dual management responsibilities of the business manager and secretary.

The beginning of a new era

Chris von der Ahe turned the side professional and renamed it the St Louis Browns. The franchise became members of the American Association and started playing in 1882. The Browns went .663 in the second year and went all the way to the second place that season. The best was yet to come.

The St Louis Browns became a force to be reckoned with in the AA and clinched four straight pennants between 1885 and 1888. That put them in contention for the World Series which was more of an exhibition back then. The World Series used to pit the AA champions against their NL counterparts.

The first series in the year 1885 was tied while the Browns won at the second time of asking in 1886. They failed to repeat the trick in 1887 and 1888. The American Association went bankrupt after the 1891 season and the Browns relocated to the National League.

A lean patch

The switch to the NL did not prove to be a success, at least for the first three decades or so. It was a tumultuous period which began with the Browns being bought by new owners and its name being changed to the Perfectos in 1899. The name was then changed to the Cardinal in 1900 and it has stuck ever since. The team recorded only five winning seasons between 1892 and 1919.

The resurgence begins

The St. Louis Cardinals hit back during the second half of the 1920s. They won their first NL Pennant in 1926 and went all the way to lift the World Series Championship as well. They won another pennant in 1928 and then repeated the feat in 1930. The Cardinals were dominant and they were in a hurry to make up for the lean patch they had gone through since making the move to the National League. The fans were on their side too and demand for St Louis Cardinals tickets was going through the roof.

More glory for the Cards

The St Louis Cardinals did the NL Pennant and the World Series double once again in the year 1931 and 1934. The 1940s were even more prolific. The Cards began the decade by winning the NL Pennant and the World Series in 1942. They got their hands on one more pennant the next year before winning the NL Pennant and the World Series twice in 1944 and 1946.

A few tough years and more success

The St Louis Cardinals hit a bit of a brick wall after that and did not win any major titles for the next few years. It took them close to two decades, eighteen years to be precise, to get their bearings right again.

The Cardinals romped back in style and won the NL Pennant as well as the World Series once again in the year 1964. They won another NL Pennant and World Series double in 1967. That was followed by another NL Pennant triumph the next year.

The glorious 80s

The St Louis Cardinals had to face some tough times once again and no titles came their way after their 1968 NL Pennant win till the early 1980s.  It is said that form is temporary, class is permanent and the Cards proved that right. When everyone had written them off, they hit back to win the NL Pennant, the East Division title and the World Series in 1982.  They did not win any more World Series titles during that decade but still managed to clinch two NL Pennants and two East Division championships in 1985 and 1987.

History repeats itself…yet again

In typical Cardinals fashion, that period of success was followed by another title drought. The Cardinals had to do things the hard way once again. Never to shirk away from challenges, they did just that.

They looked on from the sidelines during the 1990s as other sides won all the major titles. They only had one Central Division title to show for their efforts. They won that in 1996. For a team as proud of its legacy as the Cardinals, that was tough viewing. Their fans weren’t too pleased either. Like they had done so many times in the past, they dusted themselves off the ground and roared back.

The St Louis Cardinals celebrated the arrival of the new millennium by winning their second Central Division Title in 2000. They won another one in 2002. Those two triumphs were a precursor to what was about to happen next.

The Cardinals clinched the division, pennant and World Series treble in 2004. They won another division title in 2005 before repeating their exploits on 2004 once again in 2006. The St Louis Cardinals clinched another division crown in 2009.

They did not stop there however and won the NL Pennant and the World Series in 2011. The Cardinals then won their nineteenth NL Pennant and their eighth Central Division title in the year 2013. Two more division championships followed in 2014 and 2015 to continue what was a stunning era of success for one of the biggest names in Major League Baseball.

Interesting times

The St Louis Cardinals went .531 last time around. While that was another winning seasons by the Cards, it still wasn’t good enough to land them a spot in the playoffs. They had made it to the postseason in each of the last five seasons before that. The question is, will they make it back to the playoffs in 2017 or was the 2016 failure the start of another lean patch?

The last time the St Louis Cardinals did not qualify for the playoffs was in 2010. They however won the World Series the very next season. The St Louis Cardinals should not be written off so easily and that too at the back of only one tough season. This is a side that knows how to bounce back, it is in the team’s DNA.

They will once again be one of the teams to beat during the next MLB season and there is a big chance whoever finishes above them will lift the World Series. The Cards however will be looking to reach the summit once again and clinch their twelfth World Series.

It is all set up to be another cracking season and you can grab your St Louis Cardinals tickets to be a part of the ride every step of the way.

The St Louis Cardinals at a glance:

  1. Only the New York Yankees with twenty seven World Series titles have won most World Series championships than the St Louis Cardinals.
  2. The Cardinals 1886 World Series win as an AA team makes them the only American Association side in history to win the World Series.
  3. Chris von der Ahe was from Germany and had no interest in baseball. He was convinced by Ned Cuthbert to buy the St Louis Brown Stockings.
  4. Only two teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants have won more National League Pennants than the Cardinals.
  5. According to Forbes, the St Louis Cardinals are valued at $1.6 billion which puts them seventh on the list of the most valuable franchises in the MLB.
  6. The St Louis Cardinals have won well over an astonishing nine thousand six hundred games over the years.
  7. No Major League Baseball team has played in more postseason games than the St Louis Cardinals since the year 2009.
  8. Over a whopping half a million hotdogs are eaten by the Cardinals fans at the Busch Stadium each season.
  9. Two St Louis Cardinals players have won the Cy Young Award. Bob Gibson won it in 1968 and 1970 whereas Chris Carpenter won it in 2005.
  10.  Two St Louis Cardinals managers have won the Manager of the Year accolades. Whitney Herzog won the coveted title in 1985 while Tony La Russa won it in 2002.