Hockey Tickets

Hockey is a sport commonly played with a long, curved stick and a ball or a puck. This sport is played on grass, pavement, and ice. If you’d like to learn more about the sport as well as get the best deal on hockey tickets, click here.

A Brief History of Hockey

Hockey is a sport which has appeared in many forms throughout history. There is historical evidence which suggests that games similar to modern day hockey have been played for numerous years. Hockey at its root is a game which has been played with curved sticks and a ball.

In Ancient Greek, around 600 BC, there are depictions which suggest that a game similar to hockey was played. The game may have been called keretízein or (κερητ?ζειν) due to the fact that it was played with sticks which were horns or horn-like.

In Egypt, a similar game to hockey was played involving curved sticks and balls. 4,000 year old carvings show teams playing games similar to hockey.

In Inner Mongolia, for over a thousand years, the Daur people played a game called beikou, which is similar to field hockey.

In the middle Ages, hockey was again a sport which was frequently played. Evidence of this can be found in legislation from that time. For instance, The Galway Statute from 1527 Ireland spoke of certain ball games which were banned, including one which used a hooked stick, referring to the stick as a ‘hockie’ stick.

By the 19th century, hockey started to take on its modern day form. A lot of that has to do with organizations dedicated to specifying rules and regulations for the sport. Furthermore, both national and international bodies actively began to manage competitions.

Different Variations of Hockey

The different variations include ice hockey, field hockey, and bandy. Each of these variations has its own set of rules and equipment.


Bandy is predominantly played in Sweden and Russia. It is essentially ice hockey on a football field sized ice rink. Furthermore, the rules for the game are very similar to association football.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is played on a flat rink of ice using sticks and a vulcanized rubber disc called a puck. The sport is predominately played in Canada, North America and Russia. There is an international regulating and governing body for the sport which is called the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

In North America, the sport is governed by the National Hockey League (NHL). This also happens to be the biggest professional ice hockey league in the world. The NHL’s rules took shape from traditional Canadian rules which are used in International ice hockey as well. However at the Olympics, the rules differ slightly.

Street Hockey

Played on a hard surface, street hockey is similar to ice hockey. Furthermore, a ball is used in place of the puck.

Field Hockey

Field hockey is played on turf or grass and is played with a small hard ball. The governing body for the sport is the International Hockey Federation (FIH). It is played extensively around the world in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.

Modern Day Hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in countries with cold and long winters. The NHL is one of the biggest ice hockey leagues in the world. The NHL features 31 teams who face off against each other every year to win the highly coveted Stanley Cup.

The 31 teams are grouped into four divisions which are Atlantic, Metropolitan, Pacific and Central. The teams in the NHL represent both the United States (24) and Canada (7).

Founded on November 26, 1917, the 2017-18 season will mark NHL’s 101st. Montreal Canadiens are the most successful team in NHL’s history with 25 titles to their name. The 1992-93 season was the last time the Montreal Canadiens won the NHL Championship. Prone to mid game fights and brawls, ice hockey is considered to be one of the toughest and most violent sports in the world.     

The NHL season kicks off in October and runs through until April. It is immediately followed by the postseason, or the Stanley Cup playoffs. With viewership in millions, NHL games are broadcast live on network television in both the United States and Canada. 

Fans of the sport can also enjoy it at the Olympics.

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